Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm still here, a zombie, but here.

Anybody out there?

I know I have been a very bad bloggy friend. I have been trying to read every one's blogs, I just haven't had a chance to comment. I haven't had a chance to write.

I am exhausted.

Last month the Baby decided to start screaming. The ear piercing can't hear my self think want to cry with him screaming. He was in pain.

Every night we would push through his once a day screaming session. Then the next day he would be just fine, so we didn't call the doctor...right away. The screaming session slowly moved earlier and earlier until he had one at 2 in the afternoon. I called the doctor. It was 2 weeks later. He was on vacation so we went to his dr that was filling in. She heard the screams in all their glory since she did a strep test on him since his throat was all red. (It was negative.) She told me he had reflux and colic. She prescribed Zantac and told me to lay off the dairy and the chicken. Huh? What the hell am I supposed to eat?!!?

I started doing some online research (including reading the dairy chapter in Skinny Bitch <- don't do it...) And I decided myself that I was going to start with going completely dairy free to see if that helps with the pain. Well as of today the Baby has been on the Zantac for 15 days, I have been completely dairy-free for 11 days and he has been screaming in pain-free for the last 9 days. I don't know if it's the medication or the no dairy...but I'll take it and keep going until he is scream free for 2 full weeks. So cross your fingers for me.

He is still not sleeping very well. He is up anywhere between every half an hour to about an hour and a half. I don't think he has slept more than a 2 hour stretch in a month unless he was on my lap, including naps. I am this close -> <- to letting him in the bed. It would totally keep me sleeping a bit longer if I don't have to climb out of my warm bed, make the trek out to the living room to nurse, wait until he is in a deep sleep and then put him down, hope he stays and try to fall back asleep myself. The Kid co-slept with us from 6 months to 18 months and I haven't decided if I want to do that again. The Baby will be 5 months old this Monday!

As if lack of sleep wasn't enough, to top off my lack of computer time...we just got Fios installed last week and our main computer (with all my passwords/pictures/favorite places, etc) has been moved upstairs. We are still not living upstairs, but will hopefully be up there within the next 2 weeks or so. Until then, I go up there occasionally to use the main computer but I have been on my laptop downstairs slowly finding all my sites again on here. So please forgive me for being a bad commenter. I will be back in full swing soon. I am going to try to post some of the many pictures I have taken in the last month this week.

Tomorrow I sign up the Kid for soccer. On Tuesday I sign him up for KINDERGARTEN!! Holy crap!
Till next time....


Anonymous said...

I'm here :) No need to apologize--I'm a crappy commenter the last couple of months, too.

I can't even IMAGINE what dealing with that screaming was like. Morgan was diagnosed with reflux when she was 2 months old and was on Zantac until she was 9 or 10 months old. She didn't have the bad, bad screaming. Just a lot of vomiting.

Hang in there :)

Sherry said...

So glad you are back, I was worried about you.
Glad you did take your little one to the doctor though. The screaming can get to you and see, he did have a reason huh?
Hope soon things even our for you and things settle down.
I check for you daily still, welcome back and hey if there are days you can't blog, heck it's all good, we all still love ya!!

Bethany said...

Oh I just love those screaming sessions! Aren't they the freakin best? Poor baby! (both of you!)

Kindergarten??? Already??

Trannyhead said...

Put him in the bed. I know you don't want to, but really, it'll make your life so much easier.