Thursday, February 24, 2011


I need this necklace. I need to breathe. I am freaking out a little about this marathon. I know it's a long way away, but I have a map that I had picked up from the expo in New Orleans. I keep counting the miles. There are a LOT!

But I can do it. I can breathe.

If you would like a chance at getting this necklace, head over to Amanda's blog and leave a couple posts for a few chances to win. I just got another chance! :)

I think I have officially gone insane

So Hubby signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon yesterday. He has been thinking about this for about a year, even more after his friend, Kevin, passed away last June. Because, you see, Kevin ran the MCM in Nov '09... and then Melanoma took him in June '10... and he ran it around 3:30. He was an amazing runner. So Hubby wants to run in his footsteps and honor him this way.

I texted a friend of mine (KC -that I did the Half in NOLA with) and she decided to do it too. We were playing with the idea of another Rock & Roll in San Antonio or Vegas (them doing the full and me doing the half) but when she priced airfare, it was a little too expensive. So plans changed and 2 of my friends also signed up for the MCM. I was faced with a couple little 'runner bullies' (said in love) texting me that the 10k isn't a challenge, if I miss the sign up I may regret it (it's already 90% full as of 9am this morning), I don't want to be standing there watching. Anyway. They got to me. Hubby told me to do what ever I want to do, and I signed up.

For a Marathon.

I think I need my head examined.

But it will be all 4 of us doing our first marathon. It will be a great time. It will be an amazing experience to share. I felt a little out of the loop when I did my first half and my other 3 friends were each doing their second half. I am excited to do this all together. It will take a lot of training and Hubby and I are going to need to juggle the kids. I like to run in the morning and he likes to run at night, so we have that going for us. i just feel bad for him, because he will be the one missing the 'kid time' since he works. But he works 5 on and 5 off, so he is around more often than a M-F type worker. We are also very lucky to have lots of grandma love living really close (and in the summer the kid's great-grandma that lives WITH us!) The baby will be in nursery school 2 mornings a week in Sept, so I will have that time to use in training for 2 months. Perfect for when the runs are longer. My friend KC also has 2 little kids at home like me. She is a teacher (so she does have off all summer). But, she is divorced. She is lucky to have her mom living with them to be her support while she trains. I think starting running was one of the best things that ever happened to her. And it has connected our friendship. We are thinking about starting a blog about getting through marathon training as moms. I will keep you updated if that gets done. :)

I think I have officially gone insane. When did I become one of those runner people??

I know I haven't posted my half recap, and I WILL. Promise. It is sitting in my draft posts, done, but waiting for some pictures to be added.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Recaps are coming....

I am still here. I survived my first half marathon.

I am working on my race weekend recap and the actual race recap in 2 separate posts. I also want to add pictures, so I have to figure out how to move the pictures from my phone (without emailing each separate one) and how to 'borrow' official race pictures from the web site. I will be buying them (of course I am spending the $15 for a picture, you wouldn't?) but they won't be here by the end of the week. If you are so inclined - since I don't have photo shop and don't know how to blur out my name or race number you can search me at the Rock and Roll Mardi Gras #17541 ... But you have to do the googling. Check out the awesomeness that is my finish picture. Seriously, I love my legs in that picture. I will never run in shorts that ride up between my legs again. Skirts all the way!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Test post

I am testing sending a blog post from my phone.

The Countdown is on to 13.1

A little anxiety is starting to set in. I am leaving for the airport around 4:30 tomorrow (Fri) afternoon and heading to the big easy. This is the longest I have been away from my kids in over 6.5 years! I've only done one night at a time, maybe 6 times. That's once a year people! I am not worried the house will implode or the kids will be dressed in pjs all day or they will just eat pasta and pizza all weekend. -That will all probably happen, but I know they will be safe. Hubby is a fantastic Daddy. The Kid is thrilled to have a 'guys weekend'. When I asked him if he'll miss me, he said NO! (ouch!)

We will arrive late Friday night and on Sat I guess we will walk around the city, go to the expo to pick up our race numbers and packets, try not to drink too much. ;) And the big race is Sunday morning! Early Sun morning. 7AM! We'll be home on Monday night.


Last summer I was freaking out to run a 10k, which still is my longest 'race' to date. My longest run was a week and a half ago. KC and I went 10.5 miles. Last Sunday we did 8.5. Now, I feel like if I don't do at least 3 miles, I didn't really get a good run in. A year ago, 3 miles was my max run. The other day I decided to see if I could break 30 min on the treadmill 5k program. I did 30:48. So close...but still under 10 min/miles. My goal for Sunday is to be under 2:30... realistically, I think I can do under 2:20... But I will be just thrilled if I can finish without walking. There is a tracking program, but it costs money. If you are on my fb you will know how I did pretty quick. I bought a race belt (Nathan Shadow Pak) to keep my phone and some money on me for after the race. You never know when we'll end up back at the hotel. :)

Debating if I can get a run in today. I have cookies to bake and Valentine's to buy for The Kid's Valentine's Day party tomorrow. I need to go through my clothes and try to pack it all in a carry-on, damn airline charges for checked bags. (side note: I LOVE JetBlue-they do NOT charge, they also do not fly from EWR to NOLA)

Tomorrow Hubby should be home. He has been working almost around the clock the last 4 days on a big case. So I can get my pedicure (hello! Flip flops will be worn when it's over 50*) and last minute packing and running around, and maybe I can get an outside run in (before the pedi.)

I got a new Droid Incredible last week, and while I am still learning how to use it, I am going to try to post from NEW ORLEANS this weekend. Maybe some fun pictures...if I can figure it out.

See you next on Bourbon Street!