Monday, January 23, 2012

Florida Surprise!

So, my mom, me and the kids flew down to Florida on Saturday to SURPRISE my grandparents. My grandpop turned 80 this month and they have been married 59 years this weekend. So what better way to celebrate than risk a heart attack.

The weather is amazing! We've swam in the pool and gone to the beach. And enjoyed the company of my wonderful grandparents.

We coordinated our visit for when 2 of my cousins were going down. So we knew my grandparents had no plans. They came down last night....with a huge boo boo. They accidentally booked thier flight for Ft. Lauderdale instead of Ft. Myers. LOL! Luckily they rented a car and my grandparents didn't have to drive for 6 hours yesterday to get them while we were here. Although, they didn't know we were coming.

Anyway, we got here and my grandpa was pulling out the driveway, so we blocked his road and just started waving. He said he was thinking "Who the hell is this crazy bitch?" haha! Little did he know. They were completely shocked. So FUN!

And the surprises aren't over yet!

My Aunt, her boyfriend and another cousin came down today on the auto train. We are now at my grandparents waiting for Pop to come back from Target for the next surprise!! heehee.

And tomorrow night, we are taking them out for dinner with my grandparent niece (who lives nearby) and her husband and daughter. I have just been bursting with excitement for WEEKS!

Just hoping for NO heart attacks!!!  oxoxox

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

420 Months

So I have figured out that when I post from my phone it does not give me paragraphs, like I intended. Just long run on sentences. Plus the links I posted didn't come up as links. Sorry. I guess you'll have to cut and paste, just this time. Of course it had to be a most serious subject. Here is Beth's latest post. My heart is still broken for all involved. Please be safe out there my runner and biker friends.

Then I had to figure out why I couldn't see everything in blogger on my dinosaur computer....enter Google Chrome. Apparently I missed the day when google announced that if you don't get chrome, you don't get to play with the good stuff anymore. I guess that explains why my gmail was so wonky. ugh.

Now I guess I have to post from the computer. Which should be good. Maybe you'll get some pictures. But, you'll probably still get a few crazy paragraph posts from my phone while I am out an about.

Here are my boys from July '11.
See. I told you they are getting way too big!

My 35th birthday is today. I've been getting birthday love all morning on text messages, facebook, emails. I love technology! I'll be going for a nice easy 3.5 mile run today. After my 7.26 (what!?) mile run on Sunday, this will be cake. mmmm cake. Then, I'll be heading over my very favorite nail salon to get a pedicure. They also give awesome massages while you are waiting to dry. Can't wait! Tonight, I'll be having dinner with Hubby, the kids, my mom, step-dad, my dad, step-mom and my grandpa. Fun!

This should be a fantastic year. 35 is my Hubby's favorite number. It's his badge number. It's what he bases everything on. If he has to cook something in the microwave for 30 seconds, he does it for 35. If a bill is $120, he rounds it up to $135. Seriously, he's a bit crazy. But, that's ok. Hoping this is his year too and he gets the promotion this week he's been working SO hard for. *crossing fingers!*

Now off to fill my day!

Friday, January 13, 2012

What a difference a night makes

Something I've been thinking about since the weekend. A woman, a mom, went for a run at 6:30am on a route that she knew, and has been missing since then. I am so sad for her, for her family, her friends, her community. She is a teacher, so sshe has touched many lives. I have seen news about her on blogs, Facebook and even my local news in NJ. She is from Montana. The above is what I wrote last night with the intentions of linking you to Caroline, who made up a bib to wear for the safe return of Sherry. This morning Beth posted the most horrible news. I am heartbroken. For Beth, the rest of Sherry's family, her friends, her community. It has left a hole in the running community. Especially among runners that are moms. How do we go out and do what makes us feel our best, be our best, with this fear during every run. Just because this happened out in Montana, far far away from NJ, there are crazy, sick people everywhere. Please be safe.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

squeezing it in.

So I did it. I did end up getting out for that run. I had my 1 year old niece, like I watch every Thurs., and her and my little one fell asleep in the car. I decided to hurry and get dressed, to run. I parked at the local track and ran 800's (that's 2 laps). I got in 3 of them in about 13 min (1.5 miles) before I had to go pick up the Kid from school. Talk about squeezing in a run! Then, today I went to this local reservoir that is 5 rolling miles around. I've done it so many times. It's a beautiful run and my dad actually lives across the street. I met up with my tri group and brought along my BRF (best running friend). We even did an extra mile! So a total of 6 today and I feel great. We even saw a Bald Eagle in its nest squalking away, loud! They have babies there every spring. I see them often, but each time is still so cool. I've only signed up for 1 big race so far in 2012. The NJ Half Marathon! 17 weeks to go!! Then 12 weeks after that is the Jersey Girl Triathlon. My goal for 2012 is to do 1 race a month, or 12 total. I pretty much know what I'm doing each month, but I have no ideas for Aug yet. Another goal is to lose this pesky 20 pounds so I can drop some time off my I say this I am getting a beer. Hey, what? I ran 6 miles today. Don't judge me. Lol.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

just call it a comeback?

Wow. 2 posts in a week. I'm sure I have no readers anymore....but I'm trying to make a bloggy comeback. This last year I have started reading so many inspirational blogs. SwimBikeMom, Run Like A Mother, Canadian Runner in Exile, See Mom Run Far, Shut Up and Run, Racing it Off, just to name a few. I think they are on my blog roll on the side of my page. I think I have more that I need to update. I have to look through my reader again. They make me laugh, they make me cry, they make me feel like I can still get off my ass and workout no matter what kind of day I'm having. They keep me inspired. I am hoping I can inspire someone else. I think there is so many moms like me who struggle with weight and found a love of running and just want to support each other.
My posts my not be the best, and I will probably will have typos. I stopped blogging because once I got my smarty pants phone I was hardly on my regular computer. Now I will be blogging when I am thinking about it, from my phone.. I tried to post a picture, I can't figure it out....I'll keep trying.
Working on my goals for 2012. I did register for my 2nd half marathon in May. Running so far, its been 'eh'. It's the 5th day and I haven't run since Dec 31. Too many excuses. It's too cold. I hurt my lower back (ok, that's a real one). I'm too tired. My husband is working. The kid has after school today. I have to babysit my (1 yr old) niece. All excuses. It's up to 30 degrees this morning (yesterday was 15!) So I am going to get out for a run today! Hubby is home, so that helps.
Til next time!

Monday, January 2, 2012

recap of 2011

So, my last post was April 22. Sorry. I'm still here. I had a fun 2011. My big guy turned 7 and started 2nd grade (what?) My baby turned 3 and began nursery school. I keep telling them to stop growing, but they just don't listen!

I didn't do too well with that beautiful 30 lbs that I lost in 2010, I think 15-20 found its way back onto my thighs and ass...but I kept running all year. This is the longest I have been consistently running since HS. This Feb will be 2 year! Seriously. No end in sight.

My feet saw 462.59 miles fly by. So proud of that. I was in Tall Mom's 1000 mile challenge, but I got plantar faciitis over the summer when I was training for my 1st marathon....well, let me start in January.
I ran 71 miles in Jan. Crazy!!!! Most I've probably ran in a year since I graduated college. I was training for my 1st half marathon. I did 10 races.
I did the Mardi Gras Half in New Orleans Feb 13th. Fantastic experience! Ran 2:27. Thrilled with that.
Race #2 was a local 2 mile beach run in NJ. About 1/4 mile is run ON the beach. Great after party too! Do it every year in Feb. In April my girlfriends and I did a marathon relay. It goes from Seaside to Asbury Park. Our team was "Pain Now, Wine Later". So fun!!
Race #4 meant a lot to me and my husband. It was the Father's Day 5k race in June that was dedicated to our friend who passed away in 2010 from melanoma. I did 32:33, my goal was sub 30. I was disappointed with my time, but it ended up being a very hot day and I didn't do well with the heat. I was SO proud of my big guy. It was a month before he turned 7 and ran the 1mile race in 9:03!!! And he fell near the end and popped back up to finish. It could have been 8:xx something! My little speed demon.
Race #5 was my Jersey Girl sprint triathlon in Aug. Again, a bit disappointed. I didn't train like I did in 2010. Plus I am still riding on a hybrid bike...that I forgot to pump the tires. Duh. It took about 15 min longer to bike and it was hard.
Race #6 was a super hard trail 5k. It's one of the hardest HS cross country courses in NJ. I ran 35:44. The first time I RAM that course in 2005 I did it in 45+ minutes. Such a wonderful all women race that supports women's shelters that are victims of domestic violence.
Next up, race #7- my 2nd time running my local town 10k. It sucked. I think the weight was creeping back on. It ran it in 1:05 in 2010, and I ran 1:15 this year. It is a really hilly race and I know I should be proud that I beat 8 (eight!? What?) Other people...but I was bummed I did so crappy from last year.
Race #8, I headed down to Washington DC to run the Marine Corp 10k Oct 30th. Remember eager I mentioned my plantar faciitis? Well, I was training for the Marine Corp Marathon. I was supposed to do it with my husband and 3 girlfriends, but I got it over the summer after the June 5k, my first run was the tri, and I pretty much did nothing in Aug. It really was a fantastic weekend, and I really should do a recap....we'll see.
After getting new orthotics from my podiatrist over the summer, my foot has been all good. A week after the DC 10k I ran race #9 a 5 miler in Nov. Another all women race and the race medal is a flip flop pendant on a silver chain. Love it!! I did 54:53...last year was sub 50, so I know the lbs are affecting my running.
My 10th race of the year was my best! I did a Jingle Bell run in Dec. Last year I ran my best 5k time at 30:44....this year, all dressed up in my red sparkle skirt I ran 30:32!!! So thrilled!! And that was with my brand new Garmin I bought myself for Christmas.

Well, that's it for 2011. I'm still moving, and that's most important. I am already signed up for a half marathon in may....but my goals for 2012 will come up in my next post....soon!