Monday, January 23, 2012

Florida Surprise!

So, my mom, me and the kids flew down to Florida on Saturday to SURPRISE my grandparents. My grandpop turned 80 this month and they have been married 59 years this weekend. So what better way to celebrate than risk a heart attack.

The weather is amazing! We've swam in the pool and gone to the beach. And enjoyed the company of my wonderful grandparents.

We coordinated our visit for when 2 of my cousins were going down. So we knew my grandparents had no plans. They came down last night....with a huge boo boo. They accidentally booked thier flight for Ft. Lauderdale instead of Ft. Myers. LOL! Luckily they rented a car and my grandparents didn't have to drive for 6 hours yesterday to get them while we were here. Although, they didn't know we were coming.

Anyway, we got here and my grandpa was pulling out the driveway, so we blocked his road and just started waving. He said he was thinking "Who the hell is this crazy bitch?" haha! Little did he know. They were completely shocked. So FUN!

And the surprises aren't over yet!

My Aunt, her boyfriend and another cousin came down today on the auto train. We are now at my grandparents waiting for Pop to come back from Target for the next surprise!! heehee.

And tomorrow night, we are taking them out for dinner with my grandparent niece (who lives nearby) and her husband and daughter. I have just been bursting with excitement for WEEKS!

Just hoping for NO heart attacks!!!  oxoxox

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