Wednesday, January 18, 2012

420 Months

So I have figured out that when I post from my phone it does not give me paragraphs, like I intended. Just long run on sentences. Plus the links I posted didn't come up as links. Sorry. I guess you'll have to cut and paste, just this time. Of course it had to be a most serious subject. Here is Beth's latest post. My heart is still broken for all involved. Please be safe out there my runner and biker friends.

Then I had to figure out why I couldn't see everything in blogger on my dinosaur computer....enter Google Chrome. Apparently I missed the day when google announced that if you don't get chrome, you don't get to play with the good stuff anymore. I guess that explains why my gmail was so wonky. ugh.

Now I guess I have to post from the computer. Which should be good. Maybe you'll get some pictures. But, you'll probably still get a few crazy paragraph posts from my phone while I am out an about.

Here are my boys from July '11.
See. I told you they are getting way too big!

My 35th birthday is today. I've been getting birthday love all morning on text messages, facebook, emails. I love technology! I'll be going for a nice easy 3.5 mile run today. After my 7.26 (what!?) mile run on Sunday, this will be cake. mmmm cake. Then, I'll be heading over my very favorite nail salon to get a pedicure. They also give awesome massages while you are waiting to dry. Can't wait! Tonight, I'll be having dinner with Hubby, the kids, my mom, step-dad, my dad, step-mom and my grandpa. Fun!

This should be a fantastic year. 35 is my Hubby's favorite number. It's his badge number. It's what he bases everything on. If he has to cook something in the microwave for 30 seconds, he does it for 35. If a bill is $120, he rounds it up to $135. Seriously, he's a bit crazy. But, that's ok. Hoping this is his year too and he gets the promotion this week he's been working SO hard for. *crossing fingers!*

Now off to fill my day!

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