Friday, January 13, 2012

What a difference a night makes

Something I've been thinking about since the weekend. A woman, a mom, went for a run at 6:30am on a route that she knew, and has been missing since then. I am so sad for her, for her family, her friends, her community. She is a teacher, so sshe has touched many lives. I have seen news about her on blogs, Facebook and even my local news in NJ. She is from Montana. The above is what I wrote last night with the intentions of linking you to Caroline, who made up a bib to wear for the safe return of Sherry. This morning Beth posted the most horrible news. I am heartbroken. For Beth, the rest of Sherry's family, her friends, her community. It has left a hole in the running community. Especially among runners that are moms. How do we go out and do what makes us feel our best, be our best, with this fear during every run. Just because this happened out in Montana, far far away from NJ, there are crazy, sick people everywhere. Please be safe.

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