Sunday, August 31, 2008

Animal Rescue - LIVE at the beach (with photos!)

Saturday, Hubby dropped off the Kid and I at the beach around 11am for a 'few' hours. It was a very exciting day at the beach. I took all these pictures with my new camera phone.
The day started out cloudy so we weren't sure how long it would last. (No, it wasn't cold, he was striking some sort of pose.)

I had my cell phone to call Hubby for a pick up if it started raining. Well, after about an hour the sky cleared and the sun came out and it was a hot, gorgeous day. Well, except for the fact that the Kid has gotten to not really like to stand still and get his picture taken anymore....

As for the animal rescue... we saw a seagull with some thick fishing line all tangled around him and around his beak and I don't even think he could fly. The Kid was very upset about this and wanted us to call 9-1-1. I told him the police couldn't do anything for the bird and he said he wanted animal control to come out and help. I humored him and we walked over to the lifeguard stand and told them about it. They said they actually called about him yesterday (confirming my theory that he couldn't fly) and no has been able to catch him. The girl (lifeguard) did come over anyway with a pair of scissors out of the first aid kid to try to get near him, but that wasn't happening. The bird went up over to the other side of the rocks at the inlet.

Later, Hubby had called (around 3) and said he was done with his errands and was going to get his suit on and try to find a parking spot to come join us at the beach. After he got there some guy had caught the seagull with his bare hands and brought him down to the beach from the rocks (wish I got a picture) and the life guard ran over again with the scissors and cut all the line off the bird. It was amazing. At first the seagull was very upset and making a lot of noise, but I think he realized that they were trying to help him and he actually stopped making noise. They freed him from the strings and he flew away right over the ocean. He was huge and it was a beautiful sight. The Kid was very happy that he was saved.

Like I said it was an exciting action packed day. There were at least 60 surfers out there at any one time during the SIX hours we ended up staying at the beach. One girl came in pushed on someone else's board and her leg was hurt, so the first aid guy came on his quad (the Kid loved that) and helped her. She seemed ok and walked away after being iced and didn't have to go to the hospital. There was a diver who was diving near the rocks and caught about 6 fish (with his bare hands?? I don't know) and walked right out of the ocean with them. There were a couple of guys practice boxing, one had the small pads on his hands so the other guy could hit them. There were a mess of runners that came by along the hard sand. Hubby had to move the car once since he was in a 1 hour parking area, we just weren't ready to leave yet. I am going to be so sad to see the summer go this year.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Bad Bullets and Good Bullets

I have no idea how I am going to fill you all in on the last 48 hours or so. It's been Loooooong. I think I'll try some bullets.
Here is the sucky/pain in the ass stuff:
  • New van: Had to drop off the new van to the dealership yesterday morning to get the hitch that we ordered installed. Took much longer than we thought it would, so we were stuck with a loaner van and couldn't get out there to pick up our van until this morning.
  • New phones: Hubby and I got new cell phones. Another ordeal. We went to 2 Verizon stores because the first one was rude as could be. The Kid set off the alarms in both stores by pulling the phones from the wires (fun). And we left there over $200 poorer. Yea, nice 2 year deal my arse. You still HAVE to buy the hands free and car charger and all that extra crap since they keep changing the phones. The real kicker was Hubby's phone didn't work when we got home and had to stop there again after we picked up the car this morning (at least we were in the area of the same store). They were such a pain in the ass and took SO long that Hubby got a free memory card out of it! (Both the dealership and the Verizon store we went to are around 25 minutes away from our house.)
  • New shed: May not happen. We may be out about $600 deposit. The asshole zoning guy in this town (the one where you need a permit to fart) denied us our little 10x12 beautiful Amish built shed that we ordered over 6 weeks ago. As you know, we live in my grandparents house now and my GREAT grandfather started an electric company about 60-70 years ago and it has been run out of this house ever since. There is just a small office and a 2 car garage that holds the 2 trucks and material. Well, that means this property is considered for commercial use and they won't let us have a shed for our bikes and kid toys because there is the 'chance' that it would be used for business use. UGH!

Here are some good points about the last few days:

  • OB appointment: I only gained ONE pound the last 2 weeks! Wow! I am very excited about that. Now I am into my weekly appointments. I had my strep test yesterday. I was negative with the Kid and hoping I am again. The doc gave me a quick ultrasound and I got to see all the boy bits in their glory. Good thing, because I was starting to have dreams that I had this baby and it was a girl! LOL! Heart beat was great and my blood pressure was normal, as usual.
  • My engagement ring: I got a couple stones tightened on it and picked it up yesterday (between dropping off the car and going to the 2 Verizon stores.) It is so beautiful now since the jeweler cleaned between each stone, it kinda makes my wedding ring (with half of it wrapped with tiny diamonds) look like crap! LOL! I should have left both to be cleaned.
  • Inspections: We passed the rough plumbing and rough electrical AND the framing inspections this week!! Now we can have the insulation people in early next week for sure and we should have walls up by the end of the week. There is an end in sight!!
  • The Kid having fun: Wed. after I picked him up from the Little Gym we went over to my dad's cousins and took a nice dip in her pool. It was a beautiful afternoon. Last night we went to my mom's for an awesome steak dinner. We were able to stay a little later since the Kid actually fell asleep in the car on the way home from the Verizon store. Then today we went to the boards and went on some rides with the friend that was supposed to come down Wed to go to the beach, but she wasn't feeling well, so we changed it to today...again, beautiful day.

Now we are moving into the best weekend of the summer. Labor Day weekend. This is the last weekend that we will have to sit in SO much traffic to go to the store/beach/anywhere! September is my favorite month. There are still so many nice days to come and we can sit on the beach and find parking! Don't get me wrong, I know we need all the bennys (tourists) to come here and spend money on our little towns, but we are all SO happy when they are gone. ;) And since the Kid will be starting school on the 8th and getting out by 11:45 I am sure I will have a few more beach days before the baby comes....which by the way, is only 3 more weeks! I think we are getting close to the time Hubby has to go to storage and get my that 0-3 month bin of baby clothes so I can start cleaning them. At least I have an extra dresser here to put them in.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Last 4 Days

Oh boy, it's been 4 days since I've posted. oops. sorry.

We have been busy busy busy.

We spent the weekend with family. Saturday was at my MIL with the family from Ireland and other family from the tri-state area. It was a really nice day, except the the Kid was so upset to see 'Lisa' go. That was the 5 1/2 yr old that went back to Ireland. They had a great time and they were so cute together.

Sunday we were at my dad's cousin's house for a pool party. I think during the 4 hours we were there the Kid was in the pool for about 3 of them. He just wouldn't come out. And he could TOUCH the bottom in the low end. So he was walking around dunking himself under. He was a little fish. Unfortunately it was only my cousin's there which range from 18 to 28 so no little kids for him to play with. But he did have a blast with my dad...he's a big kid anyway when he is around the Kid.

Monday I went out of my mind (obviously) when I went to Sesame Place in PA. Yes, I went to a water park at 36 weeks pregnant. It really isn't that big of a park anyway, I wouldn't have went to Great Adventure last week - and I didn't. Plus SP has mostly water stuff, so I could sit and cool down while the kids played in the water. Here are some fun pictures from the park (Thanks again K for having your camera and uploading pics much quicker than I.)

On the way home from Sesame, we stopped and had dinner at my dad's. I was so exhausted!

Yesterday we just took it easy. Hubby and I went to go get new cell phones. That was a fiasco. My new car can have a bluetooth sync and there wasn't anyone who could tell me which ones are compatible. Also, I have to move all 75 photos from my phone and send them to my email because they said they may not be able to move them to a new phone like they can with the contact list. Hubby has over 200 photos! But that is because I accidentally deleted all of my photos a couple months ago, and cried over it so bad! So I sent some back to my phone from his. So after almost 2 hours we gave up and will try again tomorrow.

The Kid is at the Little Gym now, and then we are having one of his little friends come over and we will be heading to the beach today (Beach Wednesday!). Tomorrow we are dropping off the new van at the dealership (and getting a loaner car) to get the LoJack installed (yes the Hubby had to have LoJack - that is a whole other story LOL) and the hitch installed, then I have my strep-test at the OB - FUN! not. - then we are going to the mall to pick up my engagement ring I had to have the diamond tightened and have some lunch. Hopefully by then the van will be ready and we can go home! I have a feeling it's going to be another long day.

Meanwhile, upstairs, we passed the rough electrical inspection and we have the rough plumbing inspection today, then we can make the framing inspection and if we pass we can put up WALLS! YEAH! Cross some fingers for us!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Beach Friday??

I didn't go to beach on here's a beach Friday story...

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures yet...still haven't tried uploading any. The previous beach pictures were sent to me via email from my friend who was there that day. (Thanks K!)

We went to the beach today with the same crew that the Kid went to Great Adventure with yesterday. Which btw, he got home at 8:30pm, was still up since the poor little thing had a belly ache and had to go potty. He went, brushed teeth, got PJs on and as soon as his head hit the pillow he was out cold and he slept until after 8am today! Nice.

My MIL wasn't there today. Her and her cousin from Ireland were out shopping for food for a big family party tomorrow. But the rest of the Irish family, plus my SIL went to the beach. It was a gorgeous day. The Kid and his new little buddy (Lisa, who is 5 1/2 -not her real name) had the BEST time today. Both of them were talking about each other later when they were going to see each other again. I am going to have one heartbroken little Kid once she goes back to Ireland.
Lisa and the Kid were playing in the waves together, making sandcastles together and chasing seagulls together...well, that last one was more my Kid than Lisa.

We were at the beach for 3 hours and then walked back to their hotel and played in the pool for another hour. The Kid was shocking. He kept jumping from the steps to the 4 foot end of the pool and submerging himself, touching the bottom and bouncing back up! He is only 38 inches tall! If I had asked him to do that he never would have. I am amazed and proud that he was just doing it on his own. I guess his trauma of swim school has passed and he can enjoy the pool again!

We will see them one last time tomorrow at my MIL's house for a nice family gathering. Then we have my dad's cousin's pool party Sunday and then they go back to Ireland on Monday. He is seriously going to be heartbroken.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

My First Day Off in Four Years

Today my MIL and SIL took the Kid to Great Adventure. It was the first day that I have been with out him all day! It was kinda weird. My MIL has family visiting from Ireland this week, so it was about 10 of them that went. And one is a 5 yr old little girl. I was told he was loving playing with her all day.

I got his crazy amount of toys organized, why yes, there is a floor under there! Went out to lunch by myself. Got the new car washed (since there was bird poop all over it.) And came back and finished up the toys. Hubby was upstairs working all day.

It's 8pm and the Kid is still not home. They were stopping for ice cream just outside the park...if he makes it. I heard he had a hard day of playing, so he is going to be exhausted.

I said to the Hubby that it's going to be weird not seeing him since 11 this morning and him coming home asleep and I won't get any hugs and kisses until tomorrow. He felt the need to remind me that he does that all the time. When he leaves for work we are always sleeping and sometimes when he comes home we are both sleeping. Poor Daddy. Now I know how he feels.

Yesterday we had SO much fun. A friend of mine is a member at a pool and we went to visit her (the Kid's girlfriend- the same family we were at the boards with, and no I haven't heard anything more about that baby.) The pool was AMAZING! I was moving my legs ways that I just can't do on land anymore. My back was SO much better (until I started cleaning up the damn toys today.) We have a pool party at my Dad's cousin's house on Sunday. You better believe I'll be in there relaxing! We are skipping the hospital tour for the pool party! I figure you've seen one birthing room, you've seen them all. Right? Actually, we already saw the floor during the Kid's big brother class last Saturday when they showed the kids the nursery, so we are passing on going again until we have to!

I can't believe there is only one more week of summer and then Labor Day weekend! I am going to try to get to Sesame Place in PA on Monday. I should be feeling good after being in the pool all day on Sunday. And it's not a huge park and I won't be hot since there is mostly water there anyway.
And I plan on going to the beach at LEAST twice next week! :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Horror at the Boardwalk

I witnessed the most horrific thing today.

A friend of mine and I went to the boardwalk today with our kids. (Her daughter is my Kid's girlfriend.) We had a great time although it was pretty hot and crowded. We were doing our potty break and got the scare of our lives.

After the big kids went potty, my friend took them to the sinks to wash up (she also had a little guy in a stroller) while I was going potty. From my stall I heard a LOUD thud and then a baby screaming. I knew it was a younger baby than my friend has, so I knew it wasn't him, so I thought, at first that one of our bigger kids ran around the corner and knocked into a little one and he/she fell and hit something. Then it was silent.
I came out and walked down to the sinks and I just knew what happened. There were 2 women (not sure if one was the mom or grandmother or aunt) there with a baby (younger than one year old, but old enough to be rolling) and the one 'mom' left him on top of the 4 FOOT high changing table that had NO straps - it is basically a counter - and she turned her back to him and took 2 steps away from him to throw the diaper out and he rolled off the counter...right onto the tile floor!!

I didn't witness it, like my friend AND our kids did, but I heard it. And I just can't get that thud and scream out of my head. And it wasn't the scream of the 'mom', it was the scream of the baby. My friend said she couldn't do a thing. Her stroller was between her and the falling baby and she couldn't get to him. She said that the 'mom' picked him up off the floor so fast and he instantly stopped crying and closed his eyes. He went unconscious. They were bouncing him and blowing into his face. At this point I was walking (waddling) down toward the sink area where they were and my friend says that he needs First Aide. The MOST horrifying thing was what she said. "Oh he holds his breath all the time" THAT was why they were blowing in his face!! Neither one of the women made a move to the door to get help. They just kept calling his name and shaking him to try to wake him up! They seemed so calm, like it wasn't a big deal. Ugh. I just wanted to shake THEM! They just didn't seem as upset as a mom would be...which is why I am not sure if one really was the mom.

I immediately ran out the door and told the closest arcade employee to call the police and first aide because a baby was unconscious in the bathroom from falling off the changing table. Within minutes the police were there. I knew one of the Sgt's that was on the scene from when I worked there years ago, so I gave him a quick rundown and told him that these women didn't seem to even want to get help. And then we left. We had 3 children with us who were hot, cranky and scared and we were so mentally exhausted to do anything else.

I am not really much of a religious person, but I will be praying for that baby tonight.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hello, I'm a Bag-a-holic

So I went back to the consignment shop today. That place is going to get me in BIG trouble. The problem is, it's a really nice place. She doesn't take any crap. At.All. Which is good for shopping, bad for dropping off....huh, what? I actually dropped something off today! Hubby was so proud to get older baby stuff out of the house. In case you don't know me, I have kept everything baby and packed it away, just in case I need it later. Well, today, I dropped off the Graco metrolite stroller and infant car seat travel system to be SOLD! Go me! Previously I had bought the snap and go stroller at the consignment shop for $20 and I just bought the new infant seat (that the baby can be in up to 30 pounds) last week. So moving out the old and in with the new.

I also attempted to drop off a bag of 6 pairs of shoes. She wouldn't take them. They were either too dirty or too cheap. Shoes are the only thing that doesn't go fast there, so she only takes higher end shoes (read: Stride Rite). And everything has to be pristine. But she prices to sell. So when you find nice clothes, they are worth it.

She priced my travel set for $60. Which I will get 1/2 of when it sells. That isn't the problem, the problem is I looked around since it wasn't time to pick up the Kid from the Little Gym yet and spend another $70 there. Oh yea.

What the hell did you buy? You ask... Well, a few really nice bigger outfits for fall/winter for the Kid, of course. Isn't it totally worth it to get a pair of (brand new looking) Gap jeans for $4!?!? And a nice Jets jersey and a Tow Mater t-shirt from the Disney Store...just to name a few.

Then I saw this beautiful diaper bag. It was blue and yellow and had a palm tree on it and looked just like a beach bag. It was so pretty. I was thinking, eh it can't be more than $10, $20 tops. Whoa boy, I was wrong. It was a Lily Pulitzer diaper bag (complete with matching changing pad) and it said on the tag that it would have been (brand new) at the store across the street for $250!! WHAT?!?!? It was there for $40. And I am not a 'brand name' shopper. I just loved the color and that it was a diaper bag that looked like a beach bag. I am very happy getting a cute little bag in Kohl's for $20. In fact I don't think I have ever paid more than $50 for a bag. Ever.
I once knew a girl who bought a $250+ Coach diaper bag. That is so NOT me.

But, I realized today that I am a bag-a-holic. Seriously. I have at least 6 diaper bags that I can remember of the top of my head packed away somewhere. I have at least 6 pocket books that I try to rotate depending on where I go. I have a few gym bags. And I have 2 beach totes.

Some women love shoes, some jewelry, some clothes ... I? Love bags. I can't help it. But, in my defense, I can think of at least 2 diaper bags that I can replace with this nice new bag and drop them off at the consignment shop! :)

What is your favorite thing to buy and when you see one you just can't pass it up?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Freaking Out A Little

Yesterday I mentioned that once I got a new infant car seat we would be all ready to bring the baby home. HA! That is a freaking joke. I did get the seat yesterday, but we are far from ready.

Upstairs still has no walls. Seriously. They (Hubby and others) have been working up there every spare minute of everyday he is off. Much to the dismay of the Kid who misses him so much. Hubby is so good with taking him up there to show him around and point things out and make him think he is helping. Then he gets bored and comes downstairs to me (read: Noggin) and I try to get us out of the house as much as possible so he doesn't realize daddy is up there and can't play hide and seek or I spy.

So I have about 5 weeks to go. We are still in the one bedroom that is on the first floor, all together. My bassinet and crib are still in storage, and so is the bin of 0-3 month clothes that I haven't looked at in almost 4 years. So, yea, I am freaking out a little. He could technically come any day. I try not to think about that. The Kid was 12 days late and as much as I don't want to do that either, it may be a blessing. As long as he is healthy we will manage. I already know Hubby and I will be changing spots in the bed and the baby will go on the opposite side as the Kid. Hubby takes him to the bathroom a couple times a night anyway and falls back asleep right away. I'll be the one up nursing. I can't wait to be upstairs in my own bedroom.

Yesterday was my baby doctor visit....all is good. :)
But unfortunatly, I have to take the Kid to his doctor today. He has had a low grade fever for 3 days now and he has started a nasty little cough. He'll probably have to go back on the nebulizer for a bit. :(

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Hot New Ride

On Tuesday night we bought the 7 passenger '08 Sienna LE in Slate Metallic (a dark greyish blue).


Hubby had 2 different dealerships looking into getting us one with the specs we wanted. We even got more than we expected. They both found the same one that was at a 3rd dealership. Hubby did his magic online and figured out exactly where it was. After being told that neither dealership could trade with that dealership and get us the car, we went right to the source. He did very well with negotiations. I am so proud of him.

It has almost has everything the XLE has at the price of the LE, except the leather. But, I didn't want leather seats with 2 boys!! And except the sunroof, which I would have LOVED, but only the XLE comes with that and it would have been insane to pay to get that as a luxury.

We did get a dvd player with 2 wireless headphones, both side doors have power sliders, back up sensor, upgraded engine for towing (up to 3,500 pounds) and a hitch (for a rack for our bikes), upgraded stereo system with mp3/bluetooth/satellite compatable, 17 inch alloy wheels (for those of you who care about that stuff). There are even 2 REAL household plugs in the back of the van. That was a surprise. We are very excited!!

This is my very first new car EVER and my first I have ever bought from a dealer. My first car was a '86 white Jetta that I had gotten through a barter system that my dad worked out while I was in college (around 1996) and I sold it to a guy I worked with for $500 to put toward buying my second (and current) car in 2000, a '98 black Jetta that I saw on the side of the road and fell in love with. That's it, in my 14 years of driving this is only my 3rd vehicle! And my first NEW one!

I figure I will have it at LEAST the next 10 years so I better get what I want now. AND we were able to get it with 0% interest for 60 months!! We only put $500 down! And we won't pay a penny more than the price of the car. awesome.

So, if any of you are thinking of getting a new car...look into getting an '08, anywhere. The '09 cars are coming on the lots now and they are being very generous with clearing out the '08 cars. Now is the time. There are lots of good deals and incentives out there.

Now I have a nice, safe, bigger, comfy ride for my boys. :)

Anything would have been better than squeezing my boys in the back of my 10 year old Jetta. Before Tues the Kid was in the middle of the back seat and could put both legs up on the front seats, he'd never had fit once I got an infant seat in there and moved him behind an actual seat. And there is only 5 more weeks to go. Next week I am going to get my new infant seat and we'll be all ready to take him home...once he decided to get here.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Beach Wednesday - Rolling with the Waves

Good times at the beach last Saturday with his buddy!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

In case you missed it...

This guy is a new dad.

OK, fine. I have no problem with the fact that the odds are he isn't really straight and his 'girl friend' was artificially inseminated by him. Seriously, that's not the problem at all, whatever floats your boat... my problem is that this baby was born on 8-8-08 at 8:08am.

Can we say scheduled C-section? ...just for the numbers!!

I am all for a scheduled C, if that's what you need. But, aren't you picturing the doctors sitting there watching the clock, her belly open and saying, ok only 2 more minutes and we can pull the baby out so he can be born at 8:08 today!! What a milestone!

Yea, it would be really cool if it was a coincidence, but I doubt it.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Funny things the Kid said...

I called the Hubby an 'odd bird' one day, I think I was referring to his erratic eating habits.

The Kid responds with "Well, Gram and Pop are early birds"

Gram and Pop being MY grandparents that we live with...his great grandparents. Man he is one lucky kid.

The Kid asks, "Why don't grown up underwear have characters on them? Daddy can get Spongebob and Mommy, you can get Hannah Montana. Big girls like Hannah Montana."

Seriously, my 4 year old knows who Hannah Montana is. Geez.

When I asked him to go make some friends on the beach yesterday he responds with: "I don't want to make any friends that I am never going to see again."

Really? Can a 4 year old be that deep? I think it's time to make some new friends around here and set up some playdates.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Beach Wednesday - Happiest Boy on the Beach

I still haven't uploaded any photos on the computer since it came enjoy an old shot from 2 summers ago. The Kid could NOT have been happier that a bulldozer just rode past him on the beach!

(summer of 2006)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Catch Up

Oh boy, sorry guys. I have been a little MIA on my blog since Friday. I have still been reading and commenting on most of yours, so here is my little update.

Friday I did end up going to the consignment shop again AND I found the lamp that matches the bedding set that I bought a few days before...for only $10!!! Then a friend of mine came over in the afternoon and we went to the beach with our 3 kids. It was a Friday around 1:30 and a miracle happened. We parked about a 1/2 a block from the beach! It was amazing.

Saturday I pretty much stayed in all day. I'm not a big fan of travelling around town on the weekends with all the traffic around here anyway.

Sunday my FIL and SIL came over and we all went out on a canoe the nice calm waterway around the corner from my house. It was awesome. Since I am unable to twist the 2 of them paddled while the Kid and I were sitting in the middle. It was so relaxing and I can't wait to do it again. I caught 2 crabs with the net for my FIL...who LOVES crabs and was very happy about it. When we came back home they left and my MIL came over to see us for a little bit. We went out to dinner and had a very nice night.

Yesterday the Kid had Little Gym camp in the morning. After I picked him up we went over to my mom's. Her cousin from Florida was up visiting and she was having a big family party later in the evening. The Kid and I stopped by to say hi, drop off the tuna macaroni salad I made and went over to the little river beach down the street from my mom's. When we got back another one of my mom's cousin's was there who lives in South Jersey and the par-tay was starting. Did I mention that my mom makes the most kick ass sangria? ...very jealous I was. Soon everyone was showing up, my grandparents, my 3 cousins, my aunt, my brother and my Hubby was the last to show after he got off work. It was a blast. There was SO much food. My mom goes all out when she has company.

This morning my grandmother, the Kid and I went over to the ocean beach. We were there for about 5 hours. I can't believe the time went so fast. It was just a beautiful day. The Kid is exhausted and in the living room watching tv and I am just waiting for him to pass out. If he doesn't, then he will be going to bed very shortly.

On the baby update. Last night was my first REALLY uncomfortable night. I have had uncomfortable nights before, but this one took the cake. I had massive heartburn (due to my mom's awesome chili, I'm sure) and every position I was in was so crappy. Usually I can stretch out on my back for a few minutes and then roll back over to my side, but I think the baby has grown over the last 48 hours and was laying right on some important organ (lungs maybe?) and I just kept tossing and turning all night and I could NOT lie on my back at all. I also peed more than usual and every time I got up my lower back was so sore. How the hell can that be after lying still and sleeping?? Man, that sucked. I have about 6 1/2 weeks to go and I am ready to be done already. I know most of you have been there too. So I know I can get some empathy here. ;)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Evil Skeeters

Skeeters. What a cute little name for the most hateful bug on the planet.

Why were they created? Because I have no idea. I can't think of one other creature on this Earth that really has no other purpose than to suck your blood just to pro-create.

The Kid has SUCH a reaction to them. He'll get a huge welt and get all itchy. We are basically prisoners in our own home when we are home. That is the reason we do go out most of the time. We literally can't play in the yard at any time of the day.

They say that those retched little bugs come out at dusk and to make sure you spray or stay inside during that time. But the Kid went out at 8:45 this morning to help my grandmother pull some weeds (of course) and he came inside and had one on his elbow within 5 minutes. It's like they fly around the door just waiting for him to come outside. There have been many times in the 30 second walk from the front door to the car that he has gotten bit. I have even found them in my car!

What is the lesser of 2 evils? Letting the poor kid get all bit up and itchy, he then proceeds to scratch and break them open until they bleed. OR putting all the chemicals of traditional bug spray? Ugh. If anyone knows of any environmentally safe stuff that really works, please let me know. We even have a bug zapper in the back yard. But that doesn't help the front yard. We try to empty all the standing water after it rains, but that doesn't help if a random neighbor doesn't do it too.


And on a more fun note... since Hubby was home from work yesterday (he went back today for the next 5 days) we went to Perkins for breakfast (YUM!) And then bummed around the house until we went for a drive to get the Kid to n.a.p. (don't tell him, he doesn't like to nap) Because the fireman's fair didn't start until 6pm and he was up at 6am yesterday morning. So he took a 3 hour nap and we were able to go play til late! We got home around 10pm...and he woke up this morning at 6:40!?!?! Ugh. Is he seriously putting me on notice that I won't get much sleep after this baby comes. Because, I have already gone through it once I certainly know what I have coming.

Today, I am going to the sidewalk sale, Shop Rite and then the BEACH!!!