Thursday, August 7, 2008

Funny things the Kid said...

I called the Hubby an 'odd bird' one day, I think I was referring to his erratic eating habits.

The Kid responds with "Well, Gram and Pop are early birds"

Gram and Pop being MY grandparents that we live with...his great grandparents. Man he is one lucky kid.

The Kid asks, "Why don't grown up underwear have characters on them? Daddy can get Spongebob and Mommy, you can get Hannah Montana. Big girls like Hannah Montana."

Seriously, my 4 year old knows who Hannah Montana is. Geez.

When I asked him to go make some friends on the beach yesterday he responds with: "I don't want to make any friends that I am never going to see again."

Really? Can a 4 year old be that deep? I think it's time to make some new friends around here and set up some playdates.


CPA Mom said...

DUDE. That is one clever kid. That's why I don't like to make casual friends either!

CMB said...

NICE! I love the friends on the beach. What a riot!

Catwoman said...

The friends thing is the sweetest/saddest thing I've ever heard! That is too cute!!!

Tranny Head said...

I think your kid and I have the same thought process. I just don't want to meet any more people! Heh.