Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Horror at the Boardwalk

I witnessed the most horrific thing today.

A friend of mine and I went to the boardwalk today with our kids. (Her daughter is my Kid's girlfriend.) We had a great time although it was pretty hot and crowded. We were doing our potty break and got the scare of our lives.

After the big kids went potty, my friend took them to the sinks to wash up (she also had a little guy in a stroller) while I was going potty. From my stall I heard a LOUD thud and then a baby screaming. I knew it was a younger baby than my friend has, so I knew it wasn't him, so I thought, at first that one of our bigger kids ran around the corner and knocked into a little one and he/she fell and hit something. Then it was silent.
I came out and walked down to the sinks and I just knew what happened. There were 2 women (not sure if one was the mom or grandmother or aunt) there with a baby (younger than one year old, but old enough to be rolling) and the one 'mom' left him on top of the 4 FOOT high changing table that had NO straps - it is basically a counter - and she turned her back to him and took 2 steps away from him to throw the diaper out and he rolled off the counter...right onto the tile floor!!

I didn't witness it, like my friend AND our kids did, but I heard it. And I just can't get that thud and scream out of my head. And it wasn't the scream of the 'mom', it was the scream of the baby. My friend said she couldn't do a thing. Her stroller was between her and the falling baby and she couldn't get to him. She said that the 'mom' picked him up off the floor so fast and he instantly stopped crying and closed his eyes. He went unconscious. They were bouncing him and blowing into his face. At this point I was walking (waddling) down toward the sink area where they were and my friend says that he needs First Aide. The MOST horrifying thing was what she said. "Oh he holds his breath all the time" THAT was why they were blowing in his face!! Neither one of the women made a move to the door to get help. They just kept calling his name and shaking him to try to wake him up! They seemed so calm, like it wasn't a big deal. Ugh. I just wanted to shake THEM! They just didn't seem as upset as a mom would be...which is why I am not sure if one really was the mom.

I immediately ran out the door and told the closest arcade employee to call the police and first aide because a baby was unconscious in the bathroom from falling off the changing table. Within minutes the police were there. I knew one of the Sgt's that was on the scene from when I worked there years ago, so I gave him a quick rundown and told him that these women didn't seem to even want to get help. And then we left. We had 3 children with us who were hot, cranky and scared and we were so mentally exhausted to do anything else.

I am not really much of a religious person, but I will be praying for that baby tonight.


AndreAnna said...

How scary! People can be so dumb and careless.

Sherry said...

OH my gosh that's just horrible!!! My first instinct as yours would have been was call 911 FAST. Of course neither one of us would have left a baby on the changing table unstrapped to begin with.
I too will be praying for that poor baby and a huge KUDOS to you for taking the initative to get help.

Catwoman said...

Oh how horrible! And the fact that the baby went unconscious right away? Dear God! How could these women just think it's just the baby holding his breath???? That poor child! Thank goodness you went and got that child help, you probably saved its life!

This spring, I was volunteering at a consignment sale and I saw a baby girl fall out of her stroller and land on her head on the thin carpet over concrete in the convention center (she wasn't strapped in and squirmed out). I can still hear the thud of her hititng that floor and her screams afterwards.

But unlike your "mother", this baby's mom was crying along with her baby and left everything there in the middle of the floor to look her daughter over and try to soothe her. I felt horrible for her.

CMB said...

Holy crap! That is horrible. I sure hope that baby is ok. OMG!