Friday, August 29, 2008

Bad Bullets and Good Bullets

I have no idea how I am going to fill you all in on the last 48 hours or so. It's been Loooooong. I think I'll try some bullets.
Here is the sucky/pain in the ass stuff:
  • New van: Had to drop off the new van to the dealership yesterday morning to get the hitch that we ordered installed. Took much longer than we thought it would, so we were stuck with a loaner van and couldn't get out there to pick up our van until this morning.
  • New phones: Hubby and I got new cell phones. Another ordeal. We went to 2 Verizon stores because the first one was rude as could be. The Kid set off the alarms in both stores by pulling the phones from the wires (fun). And we left there over $200 poorer. Yea, nice 2 year deal my arse. You still HAVE to buy the hands free and car charger and all that extra crap since they keep changing the phones. The real kicker was Hubby's phone didn't work when we got home and had to stop there again after we picked up the car this morning (at least we were in the area of the same store). They were such a pain in the ass and took SO long that Hubby got a free memory card out of it! (Both the dealership and the Verizon store we went to are around 25 minutes away from our house.)
  • New shed: May not happen. We may be out about $600 deposit. The asshole zoning guy in this town (the one where you need a permit to fart) denied us our little 10x12 beautiful Amish built shed that we ordered over 6 weeks ago. As you know, we live in my grandparents house now and my GREAT grandfather started an electric company about 60-70 years ago and it has been run out of this house ever since. There is just a small office and a 2 car garage that holds the 2 trucks and material. Well, that means this property is considered for commercial use and they won't let us have a shed for our bikes and kid toys because there is the 'chance' that it would be used for business use. UGH!

Here are some good points about the last few days:

  • OB appointment: I only gained ONE pound the last 2 weeks! Wow! I am very excited about that. Now I am into my weekly appointments. I had my strep test yesterday. I was negative with the Kid and hoping I am again. The doc gave me a quick ultrasound and I got to see all the boy bits in their glory. Good thing, because I was starting to have dreams that I had this baby and it was a girl! LOL! Heart beat was great and my blood pressure was normal, as usual.
  • My engagement ring: I got a couple stones tightened on it and picked it up yesterday (between dropping off the car and going to the 2 Verizon stores.) It is so beautiful now since the jeweler cleaned between each stone, it kinda makes my wedding ring (with half of it wrapped with tiny diamonds) look like crap! LOL! I should have left both to be cleaned.
  • Inspections: We passed the rough plumbing and rough electrical AND the framing inspections this week!! Now we can have the insulation people in early next week for sure and we should have walls up by the end of the week. There is an end in sight!!
  • The Kid having fun: Wed. after I picked him up from the Little Gym we went over to my dad's cousins and took a nice dip in her pool. It was a beautiful afternoon. Last night we went to my mom's for an awesome steak dinner. We were able to stay a little later since the Kid actually fell asleep in the car on the way home from the Verizon store. Then today we went to the boards and went on some rides with the friend that was supposed to come down Wed to go to the beach, but she wasn't feeling well, so we changed it to today...again, beautiful day.

Now we are moving into the best weekend of the summer. Labor Day weekend. This is the last weekend that we will have to sit in SO much traffic to go to the store/beach/anywhere! September is my favorite month. There are still so many nice days to come and we can sit on the beach and find parking! Don't get me wrong, I know we need all the bennys (tourists) to come here and spend money on our little towns, but we are all SO happy when they are gone. ;) And since the Kid will be starting school on the 8th and getting out by 11:45 I am sure I will have a few more beach days before the baby comes....which by the way, is only 3 more weeks! I think we are getting close to the time Hubby has to go to storage and get my that 0-3 month bin of baby clothes so I can start cleaning them. At least I have an extra dresser here to put them in.

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Sherry said...

Okay so sucks about the zoning and no shed, the phones and the new van taking so long!!
I for one despise those phone stores. I believe the qualification to get hired there is to move slow or slower than a turtle and have the knack to piss off all customers that walk through the door.
Glad you passed the inspections and you will have walls.
Happy to hear your ob appt went so well and wow 3 weeks left, soon someone else can hold the baby for you huh?
Have a great holiday weekend.