Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Hot New Ride

On Tuesday night we bought the 7 passenger '08 Sienna LE in Slate Metallic (a dark greyish blue).


Hubby had 2 different dealerships looking into getting us one with the specs we wanted. We even got more than we expected. They both found the same one that was at a 3rd dealership. Hubby did his magic online and figured out exactly where it was. After being told that neither dealership could trade with that dealership and get us the car, we went right to the source. He did very well with negotiations. I am so proud of him.

It has almost has everything the XLE has at the price of the LE, except the leather. But, I didn't want leather seats with 2 boys!! And except the sunroof, which I would have LOVED, but only the XLE comes with that and it would have been insane to pay to get that as a luxury.

We did get a dvd player with 2 wireless headphones, both side doors have power sliders, back up sensor, upgraded engine for towing (up to 3,500 pounds) and a hitch (for a rack for our bikes), upgraded stereo system with mp3/bluetooth/satellite compatable, 17 inch alloy wheels (for those of you who care about that stuff). There are even 2 REAL household plugs in the back of the van. That was a surprise. We are very excited!!

This is my very first new car EVER and my first I have ever bought from a dealer. My first car was a '86 white Jetta that I had gotten through a barter system that my dad worked out while I was in college (around 1996) and I sold it to a guy I worked with for $500 to put toward buying my second (and current) car in 2000, a '98 black Jetta that I saw on the side of the road and fell in love with. That's it, in my 14 years of driving this is only my 3rd vehicle! And my first NEW one!

I figure I will have it at LEAST the next 10 years so I better get what I want now. AND we were able to get it with 0% interest for 60 months!! We only put $500 down! And we won't pay a penny more than the price of the car. awesome.

So, if any of you are thinking of getting a new car...look into getting an '08, anywhere. The '09 cars are coming on the lots now and they are being very generous with clearing out the '08 cars. Now is the time. There are lots of good deals and incentives out there.

Now I have a nice, safe, bigger, comfy ride for my boys. :)

Anything would have been better than squeezing my boys in the back of my 10 year old Jetta. Before Tues the Kid was in the middle of the back seat and could put both legs up on the front seats, he'd never had fit once I got an infant seat in there and moved him behind an actual seat. And there is only 5 more weeks to go. Next week I am going to get my new infant seat and we'll be all ready to take him home...once he decided to get here.


AndreAnna said...

Yay on the new car.

How is it being a minivan owner?

I swore I would never ever ever (and as of right now, still don't need to) but oh my word they're so pimped out these days.

Why do they have to make them look so van-ish?

Sherry said...

Oh how exciting for you!! I want to see a pic of it, inside and out!!!! You will love it for sure and all the features, awesome!!!!