Sunday, August 31, 2008

Animal Rescue - LIVE at the beach (with photos!)

Saturday, Hubby dropped off the Kid and I at the beach around 11am for a 'few' hours. It was a very exciting day at the beach. I took all these pictures with my new camera phone.
The day started out cloudy so we weren't sure how long it would last. (No, it wasn't cold, he was striking some sort of pose.)

I had my cell phone to call Hubby for a pick up if it started raining. Well, after about an hour the sky cleared and the sun came out and it was a hot, gorgeous day. Well, except for the fact that the Kid has gotten to not really like to stand still and get his picture taken anymore....

As for the animal rescue... we saw a seagull with some thick fishing line all tangled around him and around his beak and I don't even think he could fly. The Kid was very upset about this and wanted us to call 9-1-1. I told him the police couldn't do anything for the bird and he said he wanted animal control to come out and help. I humored him and we walked over to the lifeguard stand and told them about it. They said they actually called about him yesterday (confirming my theory that he couldn't fly) and no has been able to catch him. The girl (lifeguard) did come over anyway with a pair of scissors out of the first aid kid to try to get near him, but that wasn't happening. The bird went up over to the other side of the rocks at the inlet.

Later, Hubby had called (around 3) and said he was done with his errands and was going to get his suit on and try to find a parking spot to come join us at the beach. After he got there some guy had caught the seagull with his bare hands and brought him down to the beach from the rocks (wish I got a picture) and the life guard ran over again with the scissors and cut all the line off the bird. It was amazing. At first the seagull was very upset and making a lot of noise, but I think he realized that they were trying to help him and he actually stopped making noise. They freed him from the strings and he flew away right over the ocean. He was huge and it was a beautiful sight. The Kid was very happy that he was saved.

Like I said it was an exciting action packed day. There were at least 60 surfers out there at any one time during the SIX hours we ended up staying at the beach. One girl came in pushed on someone else's board and her leg was hurt, so the first aid guy came on his quad (the Kid loved that) and helped her. She seemed ok and walked away after being iced and didn't have to go to the hospital. There was a diver who was diving near the rocks and caught about 6 fish (with his bare hands?? I don't know) and walked right out of the ocean with them. There were a couple of guys practice boxing, one had the small pads on his hands so the other guy could hit them. There were a mess of runners that came by along the hard sand. Hubby had to move the car once since he was in a 1 hour parking area, we just weren't ready to leave yet. I am going to be so sad to see the summer go this year.

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Sherry said...

Wow what an exciting and eventful day for you huh? I love the fact that the seagull was finally freed of the string. I was bummed when he flew into the rocks thinking he would eventually die, but WHEW the rescue a success.
The surfer girl aok, the guy will eat good w/ the fish he caught w/ his hands, the boxers, ouch haha and the runners, wow.
Your camera phone takes awesome pics so clear and the detail really shows!!! I so envy you having the ocean that close to you. That has to be a little piece of "heaven on earth"
Love the pic of your son and his poses, he is just adorable.
The waves in the ocean, oh so peaceful huh???