Friday, August 15, 2008

Freaking Out A Little

Yesterday I mentioned that once I got a new infant car seat we would be all ready to bring the baby home. HA! That is a freaking joke. I did get the seat yesterday, but we are far from ready.

Upstairs still has no walls. Seriously. They (Hubby and others) have been working up there every spare minute of everyday he is off. Much to the dismay of the Kid who misses him so much. Hubby is so good with taking him up there to show him around and point things out and make him think he is helping. Then he gets bored and comes downstairs to me (read: Noggin) and I try to get us out of the house as much as possible so he doesn't realize daddy is up there and can't play hide and seek or I spy.

So I have about 5 weeks to go. We are still in the one bedroom that is on the first floor, all together. My bassinet and crib are still in storage, and so is the bin of 0-3 month clothes that I haven't looked at in almost 4 years. So, yea, I am freaking out a little. He could technically come any day. I try not to think about that. The Kid was 12 days late and as much as I don't want to do that either, it may be a blessing. As long as he is healthy we will manage. I already know Hubby and I will be changing spots in the bed and the baby will go on the opposite side as the Kid. Hubby takes him to the bathroom a couple times a night anyway and falls back asleep right away. I'll be the one up nursing. I can't wait to be upstairs in my own bedroom.

Yesterday was my baby doctor visit....all is good. :)
But unfortunatly, I have to take the Kid to his doctor today. He has had a low grade fever for 3 days now and he has started a nasty little cough. He'll probably have to go back on the nebulizer for a bit. :(


AndreAnna said...

If he does come before you're ready, let me know. I'll give you all the newborn clothes Sawyer's outgrown.

Sherry said...

Glad your check up went well yesterday. Sorry your lil guy doesn't feel good though. It's hard when they are sick, cause you just want to hold him til he's better right?
I know when the time comes and your new baby is here things will work out. Soon your upstairs will be done and all will be well.
Sounds like you are getting the "new mom jitters" are you?? :)

CassJustCurious said...

As long as you've got the seat you're "ready" enough. I thought I was "ready" and then she ended up being bigger then expected so all those newborn clothes and diapers all stocked up needed to be put away and the 0-3 month clothes and the Size 1 diapers needed to be distributed all over the house. Wahhhh. I hope you get all the time you want!

CPA Mom said...

just catching up with you - how is the Kid? what did the doctor say?