Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Last 4 Days

Oh boy, it's been 4 days since I've posted. oops. sorry.

We have been busy busy busy.

We spent the weekend with family. Saturday was at my MIL with the family from Ireland and other family from the tri-state area. It was a really nice day, except the the Kid was so upset to see 'Lisa' go. That was the 5 1/2 yr old that went back to Ireland. They had a great time and they were so cute together.

Sunday we were at my dad's cousin's house for a pool party. I think during the 4 hours we were there the Kid was in the pool for about 3 of them. He just wouldn't come out. And he could TOUCH the bottom in the low end. So he was walking around dunking himself under. He was a little fish. Unfortunately it was only my cousin's there which range from 18 to 28 so no little kids for him to play with. But he did have a blast with my dad...he's a big kid anyway when he is around the Kid.

Monday I went out of my mind (obviously) when I went to Sesame Place in PA. Yes, I went to a water park at 36 weeks pregnant. It really isn't that big of a park anyway, I wouldn't have went to Great Adventure last week - and I didn't. Plus SP has mostly water stuff, so I could sit and cool down while the kids played in the water. Here are some fun pictures from the park (Thanks again K for having your camera and uploading pics much quicker than I.)

On the way home from Sesame, we stopped and had dinner at my dad's. I was so exhausted!

Yesterday we just took it easy. Hubby and I went to go get new cell phones. That was a fiasco. My new car can have a bluetooth sync and there wasn't anyone who could tell me which ones are compatible. Also, I have to move all 75 photos from my phone and send them to my email because they said they may not be able to move them to a new phone like they can with the contact list. Hubby has over 200 photos! But that is because I accidentally deleted all of my photos a couple months ago, and cried over it so bad! So I sent some back to my phone from his. So after almost 2 hours we gave up and will try again tomorrow.

The Kid is at the Little Gym now, and then we are having one of his little friends come over and we will be heading to the beach today (Beach Wednesday!). Tomorrow we are dropping off the new van at the dealership (and getting a loaner car) to get the LoJack installed (yes the Hubby had to have LoJack - that is a whole other story LOL) and the hitch installed, then I have my strep-test at the OB - FUN! not. - then we are going to the mall to pick up my engagement ring I had to have the diamond tightened and have some lunch. Hopefully by then the van will be ready and we can go home! I have a feeling it's going to be another long day.

Meanwhile, upstairs, we passed the rough electrical inspection and we have the rough plumbing inspection today, then we can make the framing inspection and if we pass we can put up WALLS! YEAH! Cross some fingers for us!!

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Sherry said...

Oh wow, busy few days huh? Sounds like your son had tons of fun in the pool, park etc. A regular lil fish after his swim lesson. Good for him!!
Love all the pics
And YAHOO passing inspections is huge huh? Come on let's get the walls up!!! :)