Thursday, August 21, 2008

My First Day Off in Four Years

Today my MIL and SIL took the Kid to Great Adventure. It was the first day that I have been with out him all day! It was kinda weird. My MIL has family visiting from Ireland this week, so it was about 10 of them that went. And one is a 5 yr old little girl. I was told he was loving playing with her all day.

I got his crazy amount of toys organized, why yes, there is a floor under there! Went out to lunch by myself. Got the new car washed (since there was bird poop all over it.) And came back and finished up the toys. Hubby was upstairs working all day.

It's 8pm and the Kid is still not home. They were stopping for ice cream just outside the park...if he makes it. I heard he had a hard day of playing, so he is going to be exhausted.

I said to the Hubby that it's going to be weird not seeing him since 11 this morning and him coming home asleep and I won't get any hugs and kisses until tomorrow. He felt the need to remind me that he does that all the time. When he leaves for work we are always sleeping and sometimes when he comes home we are both sleeping. Poor Daddy. Now I know how he feels.

Yesterday we had SO much fun. A friend of mine is a member at a pool and we went to visit her (the Kid's girlfriend- the same family we were at the boards with, and no I haven't heard anything more about that baby.) The pool was AMAZING! I was moving my legs ways that I just can't do on land anymore. My back was SO much better (until I started cleaning up the damn toys today.) We have a pool party at my Dad's cousin's house on Sunday. You better believe I'll be in there relaxing! We are skipping the hospital tour for the pool party! I figure you've seen one birthing room, you've seen them all. Right? Actually, we already saw the floor during the Kid's big brother class last Saturday when they showed the kids the nursery, so we are passing on going again until we have to!

I can't believe there is only one more week of summer and then Labor Day weekend! I am going to try to get to Sesame Place in PA on Monday. I should be feeling good after being in the pool all day on Sunday. And it's not a huge park and I won't be hot since there is mostly water there anyway.
And I plan on going to the beach at LEAST twice next week! :)


Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

You really haven't had a whole day at all? WOW You totally deserve that once in a while. I hope you indulged a bit.

Sherry said...

Wow all day with out your little one, that was a nice treat huh?
Sounds like you got alot done too!!
Glad the pool gives your some relief now, can't beat the water huh? I know you will have fun at the pool party.
Bet the lil guy will sleep good after being on the go all day!!

CPA Mom said...

wow, a whole day to yourself. I would spend most of the day wondering what to do!!

Our Busch Gardens is getting a Sesame place section. I wonder if they will be similar?! I've never been to the one in PA.

CassJustCurious said...

A solo lunch sounds fantastic! I don't think I appreciated eating without a human attached to me nearly enough before Lexi arrived.