Friday, August 1, 2008

Evil Skeeters

Skeeters. What a cute little name for the most hateful bug on the planet.

Why were they created? Because I have no idea. I can't think of one other creature on this Earth that really has no other purpose than to suck your blood just to pro-create.

The Kid has SUCH a reaction to them. He'll get a huge welt and get all itchy. We are basically prisoners in our own home when we are home. That is the reason we do go out most of the time. We literally can't play in the yard at any time of the day.

They say that those retched little bugs come out at dusk and to make sure you spray or stay inside during that time. But the Kid went out at 8:45 this morning to help my grandmother pull some weeds (of course) and he came inside and had one on his elbow within 5 minutes. It's like they fly around the door just waiting for him to come outside. There have been many times in the 30 second walk from the front door to the car that he has gotten bit. I have even found them in my car!

What is the lesser of 2 evils? Letting the poor kid get all bit up and itchy, he then proceeds to scratch and break them open until they bleed. OR putting all the chemicals of traditional bug spray? Ugh. If anyone knows of any environmentally safe stuff that really works, please let me know. We even have a bug zapper in the back yard. But that doesn't help the front yard. We try to empty all the standing water after it rains, but that doesn't help if a random neighbor doesn't do it too.


And on a more fun note... since Hubby was home from work yesterday (he went back today for the next 5 days) we went to Perkins for breakfast (YUM!) And then bummed around the house until we went for a drive to get the Kid to n.a.p. (don't tell him, he doesn't like to nap) Because the fireman's fair didn't start until 6pm and he was up at 6am yesterday morning. So he took a 3 hour nap and we were able to go play til late! We got home around 10pm...and he woke up this morning at 6:40!?!?! Ugh. Is he seriously putting me on notice that I won't get much sleep after this baby comes. Because, I have already gone through it once I certainly know what I have coming.

Today, I am going to the sidewalk sale, Shop Rite and then the BEACH!!!


AndreAnna said...

I can't go outside in our yard unless it is windy out - they're so bad here. We back to woods with a creek behind it - perfect breeding ground.

I just use the kid deet & wash it off her as soon as we come in. Tried all the natural stuff& none of it works..

I'm allergic so I get the welts so we spend a lot of time inside or at the parks.. rather than in our own huge backyard with a playset...stupid. huh?

Sherry said...

Okay so don't know it this works or not cause we don't really have those pesky skeeters. I read that rubbing a dryer sheet on you will repel them. Hey it's worth a try right? I know all those dryer sheet tricks that I have tried out do work, so let's hope.
For his skeeter bites find some one that sells Tai Fu, that suff is awesome and will certainly help him.
The beach how fun!!! But the sidewalk sale, oh yeah I am right there with you. :)

CMB said...

They are bad up here in Central NJ as well. Both my kids get them like crazy and David is bleeding as we speak! (yes, he is STILL awake).