Thursday, July 31, 2008

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Last day of July. Unreal.

I can't believe this year is more than half over. Seriously. Soon it will be fall, then freaking Christmas. And lest we forget that there will be a new human being living in my house by then. Ahhhhhhhh! *Running screaming from the house*

We have no plans today (thank Target), although the Kid wants to go to the aquaruim. He told me that before he fell asleep last night. He has been asking for months to go. So we might. There is also a fireman's fair going on the next town over, so we might go to that. I have also been dying to go back to the beach. I have only been once since before he started swim class...and that was in LBI. I really haven't used my $60 badge enough to even pay for itself yet. Ugh. And I bought 2, in case a friend wanted to come. Double ugh.

Well, we'll figure something out, and I hope we just don't stay inside and watch tv all day. We have plenty of time for that when the baby comes and the weather gets cold.

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Sherry said...

I am so sure you will head out to the aquarium, the firemans' fun day and the beach!! Yep you keep busy so why should today be any different, right????? :)
If I was there I would definitley go to the beach with you, awwwwwww gotta love the shore huh?