Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Beach Wednesday

Beautiful view of the inlet late afternoon last week. The Kid said he was a flip flop head. So I couldn't get a nice shot with the fishing boat and the sun beams through the clouds without the flip flop.
We may not make it to the beach this week due to the swim classes. They are just kicking his butt. I may go on my own one day while he is in class. I haven't been on the beach alone in years!


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Even with flip flop head going on, that's still a great photo. It's positively gorgeous there, and having a cute kid certainly doesn't hurt.

Sherry said...

Flip flop head, I love it and yep it's a great shot of the sun and boat too.
Going to the beach alone, awwwww imagine that one. Just sitting there watching the water and total relaxation, now that's what I would like to do!!!
How is you son doing in swim class now that he's had a few lessons?

CPA Mom said...

I think the Kid adds to the picture. Great shot! Wish I could go to the beach with you.