Thursday, July 10, 2008

Update on Swim Class

He loved it today.

I sware that freaking kid is going to make me go into labor!! When I picked him up he was so excited because the got to jump off the blocks into the big pool! Seriously.

And when I asked him in the car if he was happy that mommy made him go to class he said, and I quote "Yes, mommy, I was very very very happy. It was fun!" Sonofabitch. His teacher made him promise that he wouldn't give mommy a hard time tomorrow. She told me that she has seen way worse. I told her that she didn't see him at home. I literally had to force him to get dressed. He was sweating from all the screaming he was doing. Thank goodness no one called the cops. It sounded like I was torturing him in here.

So I am going to do McDs tomorrow before class with him all ready to go (and without daddy) maybe we can avoid the scene. Then we'll all (grandmother's included) go see him swim on Saturday. He is very excited to show us what he has done and I am so proud of him. And I am 95% sure he will still go next week. He even said that next week they are going to start using their arms.

Seriously, the Kid is killing me.

Thanks so much for your support! I needed it.


Feener said...

Yea !!!!

Sherry said...

GREAT and here's hoping today will be an easy tear free day!!!!

Catwoman said...

Hurray!!!!!! Victory for the Mama!

Tranny Head said...

YAY! What a little guppy. That "do I make him keep going or do I let him flake out" debate is SO HARD. But when you discover you've done the right thing? Priceless.