Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bye Bye Weeds

Yesterday we went back to this park around the corner. I was hoping to keep the Kid occupied away from the tv while I could sit on my ass and read my book. Of course there were no other kids there to play with and the game of Simon Says didn't last too long.
....oh and did I mention the town actually came around and weeded! The playground was weed free! So the Kid got bored fast. Why he can't just climb and go down the slides on his own is a mystery.


Sherry said...

Dang town taking your sons job of weeding away, girl go complain!! :)
So I take it you didn't get much reading done huh??

The Mrs. said...

Love your blog!!!!

Burgh Baby said...

Alexis thinks I need to escort her on slides, too, and it drives me nuts. My big butt was not meant to climb those things!

Good news--the weeds should be back in a week or two. It always works that way. ;-)