Monday, July 21, 2008

Not Exactly Back Yet

I am at my mom's using her computer. Ours is still with the geeks. ugh.
I haven't been online for 3 days! That is like an eternity for me. Thank goodness we don't run a business or work online from home.

All is still with the baby. Still inside, only about 9 more weeks to go. My last visit I didn't gain a pound. Very odd, considering I was at my cousin's HS graduation the night before and seriously doing some damage with the chocolate fountain. I am now at visits every 2 weeks.

The Kid finished his swim classes. I am so proud that he made it...and he can SWIM! He was like a little fish. The teacher will let go and he would just go a couple feet, but on his own with his face in the water and kicking toward the other teacher. It was so awesome.

The Kid also had his 4th Birthday yesterday! I can't believe it. Right now he is at the 'gym' type place at camp for 3 hours, so much calmer than the chaos of the pool, and now he's a big boy! We had a birthday party for him with a ton of family and a few little friends of his. He had a blast! And we had it at a play place so I didn't have to clean up anything or worry about the freaking muggy, nasty heat that we have been having. After we went to the boardwalk with a friend of mine from college that brought her daughter (G) to his party. I have some really cute pictures of the Kid dragging G all over the rides...but I don't have my computer! I will try to post some randomly as the weeks go on...when we get our computer back.

I am glad I made that post last week about all my blog friends sites. Hubby informed me the other day that there would be a good chance that all of 'our favorites' on aol may be gone when we get it. So at least I won't have to search for every one's blogs again. That makes me happy.

So, I am still around. Thanks for all your concern about me. We are all fine...just waiting for the damn computer to be better.


Sherry said...

Hurry and get that computer back. What are the geeks doing anyway??? grrrrrrrrrr
4 yrs old now and can swim, way to to huh?
glad all is well with you and the baby, it's geting close. I know to you it's not, but really 9 weeks isn't all that long to wait.

CMB said...

Happy Birthday little man! Glad to hear you are well.