Saturday, July 5, 2008

Missing the Fireworks

So we missed the fireworks 2 nights in a row. Both nights the Kid was passed out by 8. The beach did him in on Thurs, but yesterday, no clue. We really did nothing all day. He played outside for a bit, but we had a little rain off and on so it was mostly a bum around the house day. He was watching his 7:30pm Diego and I was planning on going over to the beach around 8:30, all of a sudden he got up turned OFF the TV and came in the kitchen and told me he was tired and wanted to go to bed! Wha? Huh? Haven't we done this before?

Fortunately, I could hear the fireworks (again) from my house around 9:30 and halfway through it started pouring over here. They kept the fireworks going, but luckily we were nice and dry at home and not getting soaked on the beach. That would not have been worth it.

They have fireworks once a week all summer, so we will try on another day when the Kid actually takes a NAP! Which I totally tried to get him to nap, but it was nothin' doin'. He has swim class for the next 2 weeks every day. He gets out at 4, so if he is exhausted and passes out in the car on the way home and naps we will try again. Hopefully he won't pass out everyday and then we are stuck with him until 10! hahahaa

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Sherry said...

Swimming is going to tire him out for sure, so uh oh you may have him up til 10pm each night, or he will fall asleep in the car and wake up the next morning. You know how tied the water makes you!!
Sorry you missed the fireworks, but hey at least your were warm and dry!!!