Monday, July 14, 2008

Need Landscaping Anyone?

My Kid is looking for a new career. Over the weekend we went to a park and he decided he was going to go for a landscaping career. He spent the next half an hour picking weeds and putting them at the curb (where there was already a big pile of weeds) for the town to pick up.
This was after we figured out a new game for him while there weren't any other kids on the playground to keep him occupied. Simon Says. I would just give him things to do, like run to the far fence and back, and he'd do it. I ran out of things to tell him to do and he started weeding. Wish he'd listen that well at home!


Sherry said...

Send that lil man out my way. He can weed my garden, yard etc. That would keep him occupied for days, weeks, months!! Yeah okay he is so adorable heck send him and I will keep him!!

Tranny Head said...

I can't WAIT to be able to actually give my child instruction and have him listen! (Ok, who am I kidding, I'll give him the instruction and he'll ignore me.) But still, in my fantasy world, it'll be awesome!