Thursday, July 3, 2008

When Blog Girls Meet

So, I had a little blogger meet up with a couple other bloggers this week. On Tuesday I met up with CPA Mom and Ice Cream Mama! It was such fun. We had 5 kids there under the age of 5. The kids got along really well. They were bossing each other around within minutes! hahaha! We were at ICM's house and they played on the swing set and then we went to Rita's Ice and got some yummy ices. The Kid never had ice before, so he wanted to try the chocolate one. The girl let him have a spoon of it and he said he loved it. But, when he got his cup he had 2 bites and wouldn't eat anymore. Then he got super cranky. WTF? I had the raspberry lemonade and it was awesome. I think I just found my new summer treat for the rest of this pregnancy.

As for the meet up. As we were sitting around ICM's kitchen table it felt like we have known each other for years! Which is crazy since none of us knew each other existed just a few months ago. But I was totally comfortable and we were laughing and sharing birth stories...well, except for the fact that CPM Mom's husband was there too it was like a real mommy playdate! ICM happens to also have grown up in my same hometown and I graduated HS with her brother and my husband used to hang out with one of her other brothers. How's that for a small world? So odds are we will hang out again soon. I hope! ;) CPA Mom came up from the South on a family vacation and stopped by on their way to Great Adventure. It was a wonderful time. I loved meeting you guys and it really was just too quick.

Yesterday and today the Kid and I went to the beach. heehee. Today we went late in the afternoon and brought my MIL and SIL. It was SO windy and cool down there. It was unbelievable. I am a mile from the beach and at my house it wasn't windy at all and it was HOT! So weird.
We were going to try to see the fireworks tonight, but the Kid was so exhausted that he passed out around 8. There was no way fireworks were happening tonight. Hopefully he will make it tomorrow.

Hope you all have a happy and safe 4th of July!!


AndreAnna said...

Glad you got to meet some friends and had a nice day!

And chocolate ice is gross. Ice should only be fruit flavored. Maybe that's what he was trying to tell you. LOL

Sherry said...

Hey glad you all had a great time meeting. I agree it is a small world huh? Dang what would we all do without the internet!!!!
Hopefully you little guy will see the fireworks tonight, see stay of the beach ( haha yeah I am just jealous) and he won't get all comfy, relaxed and ready to sleep!!!
Happy 4th

CPA Mom said...

we had a great time too - thanks for talking to HP on the porch too - I knew a police officer and EMT would have SOMETHING in common.

Tigger hated his chocolate ice too. Nasty stuff.