Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sharing the Love *UPDATE*

This is what keeps me busy off and on throughout the day. I have quite a few mommy blogs that I read everyday. They are not all on the side of my page since I have been too lazy to add them, since I have aol and they are right there on 'my favorites' and easier to get to. I would like to share them with you. Each and every one (even if they are already on the side of my page.)

In no particular order:
Diary of a Modern Matriarch <- the one who inspired me to start my own blog. Has a young daughter and a son on the way. So excited for her! I know her in real life. :)
Cass. Just Curious <- so close to having her 1st child! SO excited for her too!
My Little Corner of Life <- a mom of 1, and is so funny!
Burgh Baby <- mom of 1 & SO funny!! And has been on her local news for blogging!
Anglophile Football Fanatic <- Is all into contests this month for her blogaversary. Mom of 1 boy and cracks me up!
Playgroups are No Place for Children <- has 2 cute kids, and occasionally has blog tips! Also cracks me up!
Swistle <- has 5 kids and still finds humor in everything *update* I miss-counted the kids the first time!
Canadian Thoughts in Texas <- our lives are so far apart, yet SO alike it's scary! Her kid looks like my Kid and we are both pregnant with another BOY! Plus many other uncanny similarities.
A Virgo's Point of View <- another Jersey Girl and mom of 2 kids
Chop. Stir. Mix. <- yummy fun recipes
Running for Two (aka. Baby Steps) <- been a lurker here. If you ever want to feel lazy, er inspired, read her archives. She is a running machine!
The House of Misfits <- has a blog of everyday stuff, kinda like mine
Boobs, Injuries, & Dr. Pepper <- been a lurker here for a while. Read her Crazy Chronicles. She is just an amazing and strong woman. I am hoping she writes a book one day.
Law School Sucks - and So Do Lawyers <- makes me laugh every time she posts. And her Sumo baby is aDORable. Has a hubby in Iraq and doing it ALL on her own. GO Tranny!
CPA Mom <- met with ICM (below) last week! 2 adorable kids.
Ice Cream Mama <- lives 15 min from me!! :) Know in real life and I graduated HS with her younger brother, yet we never knew each other until we stumbled on each other's blog...I forget who found who first...

**UPDATE** I totally forgot to add my friend from college! Mary Ellen's Cooking Creations She cooks much more fancy (I know not really a sentance) than I ever would and drinks and reviews really fancy wines that I would probably never drink, but she does a great site, if you love fancy food and good wine. She'll post about once a week. She is the only non-mommy (yet) that I read.

I do read you guys I don't always leave comments, but I am there.

Why oh why are we all so fascinated with the lives of other mom's that we have never met? (I have met only 4 mom's in real life on the above list.) There is an undeniable draw to reading about other people doing the same things you do, having the same fights with their kids, trying to get it all right, and even getting some advice along the way from mom's all over the place. I guess that is why I have become a blogging addict. I started because I felt bad that I was reading all these other blogs and reading about their lives and they knew nothing about me. It just seemed so unfair and one sided. And I wanted everyone to know just how cool (yet occasionally bratty) my Kid can be too!! Every mom likes to brag, right?

Then as I have gotten into it, I realized that this is just a daily (or as often as I can write) journal for me to look back on in future years to remind me of the 'good old days' when the kids were small.

Here's to all the tons and tons of other mommy bloggers going through the same thing, yet some thousands of miles away. *cheers*


AndreAnna said...

Thanks for the link!

(sidenote: Swistle actually has FIVE kids...makes her all the more impressive.. lol)

I wish I could meet more people in real life too, but the friendships I have made through blogging surpass some of those I do have IRL, so I'll take what I can get. :) At least with you, I getboth! :)

Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children said...

Thank you!! You know, it's so nice to read about people in the same boat as you...I swear that reading and writing blogs is what saved my sanity!

Tranny Head said...

Aww - I'm feeling the love.

As an aside, I noticed I'm visitor 666?!? Scary. I KNEW this stupid condo I'm trying to sell gives bad vibes but I didn't realize that demonic possession was part of that.

Sherry said...

Thanks for the shout out on your blog, even though my "babies" are grown.
I enjoy reading the blogs daily, but hey I call this computer my "Lifeline"
I feel I have made many friends on here and seeing how I am a people person I love it.
I have been in a "post funk" lately but do read all the blogs daily.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

You are so sweet! Thanks for the linky love.