Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Beach Wednesday

My step-mom and I had a thing last year when we were going to try to get to the beach together every Wed. She is a realtor, so she would try to not schedule appointments in the afternoon.

We got to go twice together.

This year we are going to try again. But last week didn't work out and this week already isn't looking good. But I am making every Wed on my blog a shot from the beach, even if I didn't get to go that day.

Here is a shot of them on the beach one one of our 2 beach days last year. That's my dad and grandfather with the Kid. 4 generations playing in the sand. Of course, I wasn't in the picture I was taking it. :)

And here is my step-mom with the Kid on the other beach day last year. This was when her brother, his wife and their son was visiting from Colorado.

And this is the view I had from my chair last week. Reading my new fave James Patterson book "Sail", The Kid playing in the sand and a beautiful beach day.

1 comment:

Sherry said...

Love the pictures and the idea you post about the beach every Wed, that's a great idea.
Me, I just love the ocean but dang we are like an hour or so from it, so I don't get there too often