Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Day in a Really BIG Nutshell

I haven't tried to hook up the camera to the computer yet, so I don't have any good pictures for today. Sorry. Hubby has been working upstairs more, since we are T-minus 7 1/2 weeks till baby day, and he hasn't got around to showing me it's ok to try yet. Although, we have to get a move on, I have almost filled up my 1gig card and I really don't want to take it out, put it aside and risk losing it just to put in my other card.

Today was a looooooooong day. I got a lot accomplished, but I am exhausted. The Kid had the Little Gym today and while he was there I went downtown to this awesome little consignment shop. They had a few snap & go strollers that I wanted to look at (I knew b/c we stopped in there real quick before the movie on Monday.) And a friend of mine wanted one too. So I bought 2 for $20 each! Awesome deal considering brand new they are $60.

Then I saw the bedding set that I had wanted SO bad for the Kid's nursery. But, over 5 years when I registered they didn't have this. And after my baby shower when I got my green patchwork set and after I already put the matching border up on his room I saw it on my next trip at BRU. It was the consignment shop...for $20!!! 2 fitted crib sheets, diaper stacker, 2 valences, 5 wall hangings and the comforter. I tried to find it online to show you a picture, but I guess they don't sell it anymore...but it has sailboats, birds, anchors, lighthouses, the sun, sandcastle, starfish and all kinds of beachy themed stuff all set on a light blue striped background. The set would easily be over $200 brand new. I can't believe I found it!! You'll just have to wait for my nursery to be done to get a photo. I know, I know, I am dying for it to be done too!!

Then I picked up the Kid at the Little Gym and I took him over to his pediatrician for his 4 year old well visit. No shots this year (yeah!) But my appointment was at 12 and we didn't get out of there until 1. We were starving. We stopped at Charlie Browns for lunch. That took forever too, we didn't get out of there until almost 2:15. I ate my weight at the salad bar and we headed home.

My day isn't over yet my friends...

I had a total of 5 minutes at home until I had to leave for my OB appointment. Luckily, I left the Kid home with daddy and great-grandma because I sat in the waiting room for 1 hour and 15 minutes before I got called in to the exam room to wait another 20 minutes for the doctor. And of course, my visit is only the 5 minute visit. Measure belly, listen to heart beat, how are you feeling? Baby moving? Etc etc... My practice recently lost one doctor (don't know why) and is only down to 2, and only one was there today. It was a pregnant woman zoo. The Kid would have been bouncing off the walls and then he would have fallen alseep on the way to my next stop, or on the way home and would still be up now. (Oh the humanity!)

When I FINALLY got out of there, I had to head over to the mall, which is only 5 minutes from the office. I had to get the diamonds in my engagement ring and wedding ring checked at Zales. As long as I do it every 6 months, if any are loose or fall out they will replace/fix for free. I am a few weeks late since I am supposed to get them checked every June and December...but that's ok. They are pretty easy going about it. Well, 2 tiny side stones on my engagement ring are loose and the jeweler doesn't come in until Aug 9th. So I have to keep it safe to drop it off after then for him to tighten them up.

This time I made my next OB appointment for 9:30 AM so to beat the back up of the 2:45 PM appointment I had today. So, I will drop off my ring after that one in 2 weeks...and hopefully be able to get it back before I go into labor.

Whew. I am exhausted just reading about my day. Time for bed. I would love a glass of wine right now.

I want to give a shout out to one of my blog friends who just had her beautiful little girl, Lexi. CONGRATS CASS!!!


Sherry said...

Dang girl I was tired just reading about all you did and all the WAITING ugh!!!!!!
Glad you found the stroller you wanted, such neat things now days!! The nursery set sounds adorable can't wait for pictures.
I take it your OB appt was good, even if you were frustated with the wait!!!
K now get some rest, forget the wine though!!! :)

CMB said...

Wow you are a busy pregnant beaver! I like that Charlie Brown's. We have not been in a while and now I want to go!