Saturday, July 26, 2008

Had a Busy Busy Week

I am back online!!

These last 3 weeks have been a blur of busy. The first two were consumed with swim classes that the Kid finally finished and did very well. He swam all by himself!

Last Sunday was his birthday. We had a party at a playplace and he had a blast. I can't believe my baby is 4!

Monday he had camp at the Little Gym for 3 hours.

Tues we went to a friend's house for a playdate and got to see all of our good friends that we haven't seen in weeks.

Wed he had Little Gym camp again in the morning. While he was there I got myself a pedicure. We came home for a little bit and then we drove 1 hour and 20 minutes to a Chuck E Cheese for a friend of mine from college daughter's 5th birthday party (did ya follow that one?) On the way home it was raining SO bad. I was going 45 on the highway with my hazzards on. I was so nervous.

Thurs we went to visit the Kid's girlfriend and their family while they were vacationing in LBI. We had an awesome day. I have some great shots of them on the beach. Hopefully I can get uploaded for 'Beach Wednesday'.

Then yesterday we went out on my mom and step-dad's boat for a few hours. That will be the first and last trip for me on the boat for the summer. It wasn't too bumpy and my step-dad was wonderful in keeping the boat from flying over waves, but my back was killing me when I stood up.

Last night I threw up all my dinner. I know not fun. But of course Hubby was freaking out, since last time I threw up while pregnant was when I was in labor with the Kid. I am happy to say that I was fine right after and I have been fine all morning today. So I think it was just a bad calzone and maybe a combination with the motion we were on the boat. Who knows. All I know is Baby is still cooking and kicking the crap out of me.

So that has been my busy week. There are still a few things not installed onto my computer yet, including my photo software. So I don't know if I can upload pictures just yet. All of my old stuff is sitting in our external hard drive and the Geek Squad totally cleared out the whole computer. It was a pain to try to remember all the passwords for some sites that I usually just save in there.

Hope you have all been doing well and I have been reading all your blogs. We were officially online on Wed...but you see how busy I have been, I just haven't had a second to post. It's amazing how you find stuff to do when you can't go online for a week. I read a ton of good books. Obviously kept busy with the Kid all week. And looking forward to just relaxing and taking it easy today.


Sherry said...

Dang woman you have been busy, how on earth do you do it, and being pregnant at that???
Sounds like you had a wonderful week and congrats to your son on his swimming lessons!!
The boat ride, what, trying to hurry your baby along??? Over the bumpy water hoping to bump the lil on right out huh?
Sorry to hear you were sick!! Yes vomiting is being sick, a bad calazone huh? That tells me not to eat one now!!!
So glad you got your computer back but I agree, it sucks trying to remember all the passwords!! I try to keep mine all the same, but as we know it doesn't always work that way.
So are you b'day partied out yet? Chuck E Cheese, yeah that would do me in, that place YIKES.
Time to read, wow a luxury. A friend of mine is lending me all the Sisterhood of Traveling Pants books, 4 of them, so I hope I can get through them in THIS century!!
Have a great day and welcome back!!!

Jennifer said...

you guys go to the little gym too? i freakin' LOVE that place!

Jennifer said...

ps. have you read the twilight series? it is AMAZING!!!