Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Kid Isn't Going to Make It

I think tomorrow is going to be his last day of swim. Today he had a total melt down 1/2 an hour before we even left. He couldn't even finish his lunch. I told him he only has one more day (after today) and then mommy and daddy come watch him (they have a parent day every Saturday for a 1/2 hour) and then he is done and he DID IT! Trying to make it sound exciting. I didn't even tell him he was supposed to have another week. But I don't think he will make it. Hubby isn't home today and I know we would have fought over taking him or not. I really didn't want to...but I didn't want to back down either. I am still crying since I got in the car after dropping him off. That just killed me. Please tell me if I am doing the right thing for a (almost) 4 year old to make him finish the week - only one more day. And then I let him 'quit' but not really knowing it and not take him back next week. I am so afraid I am going to have a problem tomorrow if Hubby is here and if he acts like that again. I won't be able to get him there.

Basically I am asking if it would even be worth it for one more day (and then the parent day) or cut my losses after I pick him up today. The teachers say that he is fine during the class, even one of the other kids in class said he is doing great...I am guessing he is much closer to 5 yrs old than 4.

I truly believe that the main thing that sucks for him is that he can't touch the bottom yet. And he says they 'let him sink' and he is very upset about it. I did stick around and hid and watched for a bit yesterday and he seemed to be fine in the pool. He has even stuck his face in and kicked at the same time. And when I picked him up yesterday he was SO happy about that.

Am I pushing him too hard? I have never been a quitter. I was on the field hockey team in college and didn't enjoy it at all (loved it in HS), but I wouldn't quit. I just finished the season and didn't join back up the next year. I am hoping that is what I can instill in my kids. That even though things are tough, you make a commitment and you see it through. And when it's done, you are done and never have to do it again.

Sorry for the long-windedness. I am just venting. And the baby hormones and stressing over his birthday party and today just put me over the top. ugh.

Thanks for listening. And I am feeling much better now having gotten this out.
Please be truthful, but kind. :)


Catwoman said...

If you've seen that he's ok once you've left, then I'm make him keep going. It's good for him, and I know it's hard, because this morning, Little Man wasn't in the mood for school and I could see him crying as the teacher was dragging him into the school and I practically turned around, ran in to get him.

But I know I can't do that, it'll only make it worse and that he'll be fine.

But it doesn't make it any easier for the heartbroken mom.

Stick with it. It's only one more week... :)

Sherry said...

Okay now remember I don't have little ones anymore, and when mine were little we didn't have all this extra activity for them. So this is from my "old" point of view okay?
Personally I would make today his last day. To me it's not him quitting. I re read your post and you said YOU joined , YOU didn't quit, great and I know you can instill that in him, as he gets older.
But swimming, YOU enrolled him, so how can he be a quitter? He didn't ask to go, right? You tried it, he tried but with his crying I am thinking his fear of "sinking" is very real to him. You so don't want him to have a fear of swimming, do you? He may be fine when he is there, but in his lil mind, I bet he is afraid he will sink.
I am certainly no expert but I think 4 yrs old is an age where fear can over take him and will stick with him forever if he is forced to continue.
Was I kind enough? Oh I hope so cause trust me, I would never ever want to hurt your feelings.
Catwoman seem to have an entirely different point of view and I respect that Catwoman. You and her are more the same age as no doubt are your children. Like I said it's just an "old" woman's point of view and opinion!!
Whatever you decide I know it will all work out. You have it all together as far as keeping your child one happy lil guy.

Feener said...

being honest. you know i had my daughter at the same school, she will be 4 at end of august. the rest of her class was crying all the time. my good friend had her 4 year old there and he cried EVERY day she left him, but he was fine. i think you push through, those folks got their act so well down that i really feel that they know how to deal and break through. i say you stick with it.