Sunday, July 13, 2008

Swim Saga Continues

It was a long emotional week. But we made it through. The Kid has his parents day yesterday and he was so excited to show us just what he has been doing all week.
Note the goggles hanging out of his mouth.
Eyes in the water!!
Back and forth.
Getting ready to jump in the big pool.

Look of total fear!

Swimming in the big pool.

And that was it. All they did. It was a total of about 10 min, but we have it on video and I can't wait until next week when they actually let go of his hands and let him swim. Some of the other kids in his class did, but I think they are closer to 5 than 4yrs old.

And the kicker....he favorite part of the day? Jumping off the block into the big pool! hahahahaha!! Didn't quite look like fun in the picture, did it?

He is actually excited to go back tomorrow. But he was more excited that I told him that he had a day off today! I think we are going to go to the beach after lunch. :)


Feener said...

awesome, those folks have their sO**Y together huh. yes i did the belmar five. it was H O T.

Sherry said...

awwwwwwwwww I love the pictures and that lil guy jumping into the huge pool, dang near gave me a heart attack, hahaha.
So glad he is getting into it, next week should be a breeze, right? :)

Catwoman said...

Hurray!!!! Congrats on surviving week one!!! Hopefully week two will go smoothly! :)