Monday, August 18, 2008

Hello, I'm a Bag-a-holic

So I went back to the consignment shop today. That place is going to get me in BIG trouble. The problem is, it's a really nice place. She doesn't take any crap. At.All. Which is good for shopping, bad for dropping off....huh, what? I actually dropped something off today! Hubby was so proud to get older baby stuff out of the house. In case you don't know me, I have kept everything baby and packed it away, just in case I need it later. Well, today, I dropped off the Graco metrolite stroller and infant car seat travel system to be SOLD! Go me! Previously I had bought the snap and go stroller at the consignment shop for $20 and I just bought the new infant seat (that the baby can be in up to 30 pounds) last week. So moving out the old and in with the new.

I also attempted to drop off a bag of 6 pairs of shoes. She wouldn't take them. They were either too dirty or too cheap. Shoes are the only thing that doesn't go fast there, so she only takes higher end shoes (read: Stride Rite). And everything has to be pristine. But she prices to sell. So when you find nice clothes, they are worth it.

She priced my travel set for $60. Which I will get 1/2 of when it sells. That isn't the problem, the problem is I looked around since it wasn't time to pick up the Kid from the Little Gym yet and spend another $70 there. Oh yea.

What the hell did you buy? You ask... Well, a few really nice bigger outfits for fall/winter for the Kid, of course. Isn't it totally worth it to get a pair of (brand new looking) Gap jeans for $4!?!? And a nice Jets jersey and a Tow Mater t-shirt from the Disney Store...just to name a few.

Then I saw this beautiful diaper bag. It was blue and yellow and had a palm tree on it and looked just like a beach bag. It was so pretty. I was thinking, eh it can't be more than $10, $20 tops. Whoa boy, I was wrong. It was a Lily Pulitzer diaper bag (complete with matching changing pad) and it said on the tag that it would have been (brand new) at the store across the street for $250!! WHAT?!?!? It was there for $40. And I am not a 'brand name' shopper. I just loved the color and that it was a diaper bag that looked like a beach bag. I am very happy getting a cute little bag in Kohl's for $20. In fact I don't think I have ever paid more than $50 for a bag. Ever.
I once knew a girl who bought a $250+ Coach diaper bag. That is so NOT me.

But, I realized today that I am a bag-a-holic. Seriously. I have at least 6 diaper bags that I can remember of the top of my head packed away somewhere. I have at least 6 pocket books that I try to rotate depending on where I go. I have a few gym bags. And I have 2 beach totes.

Some women love shoes, some jewelry, some clothes ... I? Love bags. I can't help it. But, in my defense, I can think of at least 2 diaper bags that I can replace with this nice new bag and drop them off at the consignment shop! :)

What is your favorite thing to buy and when you see one you just can't pass it up?


AndreAnna said...


It's a serious problem.

Sherry said...

Oh great deal on the bag!! Of course you HAD to buy it, tee hee cause afterall you are a "bag aholic" right?
Me I just buy isn't that awful, buy for the kids mostly the twin here and my two granddaughters in Idaho, love to buy for all of them even if the twins are 19. It's fun to get them little things they never think to buy. So me not just one thing, I just love to spend spend spend.