Monday, January 2, 2012

recap of 2011

So, my last post was April 22. Sorry. I'm still here. I had a fun 2011. My big guy turned 7 and started 2nd grade (what?) My baby turned 3 and began nursery school. I keep telling them to stop growing, but they just don't listen!

I didn't do too well with that beautiful 30 lbs that I lost in 2010, I think 15-20 found its way back onto my thighs and ass...but I kept running all year. This is the longest I have been consistently running since HS. This Feb will be 2 year! Seriously. No end in sight.

My feet saw 462.59 miles fly by. So proud of that. I was in Tall Mom's 1000 mile challenge, but I got plantar faciitis over the summer when I was training for my 1st marathon....well, let me start in January.
I ran 71 miles in Jan. Crazy!!!! Most I've probably ran in a year since I graduated college. I was training for my 1st half marathon. I did 10 races.
I did the Mardi Gras Half in New Orleans Feb 13th. Fantastic experience! Ran 2:27. Thrilled with that.
Race #2 was a local 2 mile beach run in NJ. About 1/4 mile is run ON the beach. Great after party too! Do it every year in Feb. In April my girlfriends and I did a marathon relay. It goes from Seaside to Asbury Park. Our team was "Pain Now, Wine Later". So fun!!
Race #4 meant a lot to me and my husband. It was the Father's Day 5k race in June that was dedicated to our friend who passed away in 2010 from melanoma. I did 32:33, my goal was sub 30. I was disappointed with my time, but it ended up being a very hot day and I didn't do well with the heat. I was SO proud of my big guy. It was a month before he turned 7 and ran the 1mile race in 9:03!!! And he fell near the end and popped back up to finish. It could have been 8:xx something! My little speed demon.
Race #5 was my Jersey Girl sprint triathlon in Aug. Again, a bit disappointed. I didn't train like I did in 2010. Plus I am still riding on a hybrid bike...that I forgot to pump the tires. Duh. It took about 15 min longer to bike and it was hard.
Race #6 was a super hard trail 5k. It's one of the hardest HS cross country courses in NJ. I ran 35:44. The first time I RAM that course in 2005 I did it in 45+ minutes. Such a wonderful all women race that supports women's shelters that are victims of domestic violence.
Next up, race #7- my 2nd time running my local town 10k. It sucked. I think the weight was creeping back on. It ran it in 1:05 in 2010, and I ran 1:15 this year. It is a really hilly race and I know I should be proud that I beat 8 (eight!? What?) Other people...but I was bummed I did so crappy from last year.
Race #8, I headed down to Washington DC to run the Marine Corp 10k Oct 30th. Remember eager I mentioned my plantar faciitis? Well, I was training for the Marine Corp Marathon. I was supposed to do it with my husband and 3 girlfriends, but I got it over the summer after the June 5k, my first run was the tri, and I pretty much did nothing in Aug. It really was a fantastic weekend, and I really should do a recap....we'll see.
After getting new orthotics from my podiatrist over the summer, my foot has been all good. A week after the DC 10k I ran race #9 a 5 miler in Nov. Another all women race and the race medal is a flip flop pendant on a silver chain. Love it!! I did 54:53...last year was sub 50, so I know the lbs are affecting my running.
My 10th race of the year was my best! I did a Jingle Bell run in Dec. Last year I ran my best 5k time at 30:44....this year, all dressed up in my red sparkle skirt I ran 30:32!!! So thrilled!! And that was with my brand new Garmin I bought myself for Christmas.

Well, that's it for 2011. I'm still moving, and that's most important. I am already signed up for a half marathon in may....but my goals for 2012 will come up in my next post....soon!

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