Thursday, February 17, 2011

Recaps are coming....

I am still here. I survived my first half marathon.

I am working on my race weekend recap and the actual race recap in 2 separate posts. I also want to add pictures, so I have to figure out how to move the pictures from my phone (without emailing each separate one) and how to 'borrow' official race pictures from the web site. I will be buying them (of course I am spending the $15 for a picture, you wouldn't?) but they won't be here by the end of the week. If you are so inclined - since I don't have photo shop and don't know how to blur out my name or race number you can search me at the Rock and Roll Mardi Gras #17541 ... But you have to do the googling. Check out the awesomeness that is my finish picture. Seriously, I love my legs in that picture. I will never run in shorts that ride up between my legs again. Skirts all the way!

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Bethany said...

Love the big ass grin on your face! Great job!!