Thursday, February 24, 2011

I think I have officially gone insane

So Hubby signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon yesterday. He has been thinking about this for about a year, even more after his friend, Kevin, passed away last June. Because, you see, Kevin ran the MCM in Nov '09... and then Melanoma took him in June '10... and he ran it around 3:30. He was an amazing runner. So Hubby wants to run in his footsteps and honor him this way.

I texted a friend of mine (KC -that I did the Half in NOLA with) and she decided to do it too. We were playing with the idea of another Rock & Roll in San Antonio or Vegas (them doing the full and me doing the half) but when she priced airfare, it was a little too expensive. So plans changed and 2 of my friends also signed up for the MCM. I was faced with a couple little 'runner bullies' (said in love) texting me that the 10k isn't a challenge, if I miss the sign up I may regret it (it's already 90% full as of 9am this morning), I don't want to be standing there watching. Anyway. They got to me. Hubby told me to do what ever I want to do, and I signed up.

For a Marathon.

I think I need my head examined.

But it will be all 4 of us doing our first marathon. It will be a great time. It will be an amazing experience to share. I felt a little out of the loop when I did my first half and my other 3 friends were each doing their second half. I am excited to do this all together. It will take a lot of training and Hubby and I are going to need to juggle the kids. I like to run in the morning and he likes to run at night, so we have that going for us. i just feel bad for him, because he will be the one missing the 'kid time' since he works. But he works 5 on and 5 off, so he is around more often than a M-F type worker. We are also very lucky to have lots of grandma love living really close (and in the summer the kid's great-grandma that lives WITH us!) The baby will be in nursery school 2 mornings a week in Sept, so I will have that time to use in training for 2 months. Perfect for when the runs are longer. My friend KC also has 2 little kids at home like me. She is a teacher (so she does have off all summer). But, she is divorced. She is lucky to have her mom living with them to be her support while she trains. I think starting running was one of the best things that ever happened to her. And it has connected our friendship. We are thinking about starting a blog about getting through marathon training as moms. I will keep you updated if that gets done. :)

I think I have officially gone insane. When did I become one of those runner people??

I know I haven't posted my half recap, and I WILL. Promise. It is sitting in my draft posts, done, but waiting for some pictures to be added.

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