Monday, June 28, 2010

Biggest Loser, my Kids and some sadness

I started writing this post on June 25th. I updated what needed to be updated, but left the feelings of the end as is.....

So I have been long done with the Biggest Loser competition at the gym. Sorry I didn't update sooner. But, from Feb 22 to May 22 I lost a grand total of 30.4 pounds. This was over 15% of my body weight. I finished 6th in the competition...and won nothing but the awesome feeling that I am 2 sizes smaller. :) I have been doing a great job of keeping it off. My goal for the summer is just to maintain my new 170 pound body. I am actually down another 3-4 pounds (depending on the day). But I'm not as obsessed with the scale as I was during the competition. I have been running or biking or swimming as often as possible and loving it. I haven't even set foot in the gym in a couple months. I have been enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. Even in the 95+ degree heat we've been having. I did a 5 mile race last weekend and my goal was to run it in under an hour. I did it in 52:52 ! I am even doing a TRIATHLON in August!!

At the finish of my 5 mile! The boys wanted my medal and I wasn't giving it I was able to get a couple more!

There has been so much going on. The Baby is now almost 22 months old and a holy terror. He talking, running and is getting into everything and climbing! Oh my lord the climbing. He has almost made it over the gate at the top of our stairs! He is going to give me a heart attack. The Kid is turning SIX next week and is finished with Kindergarten and is a FIRST GRADER! I can't believe I just typed that. wow. He finished swim school last week and did great. He learned how to ride his 2 wheeler with out training wheels on Memorial Day weekend.

This part written on June 25: On a more somber note, we have a good friend that just started hospice this past week. He was diagnosed with melanoma over 2 1/2 years ago. He went through all the treatments, removed lymphnodes and all that and they thought it was gone. He even ran a marathon last fall! Then, at a routine follow up scan last March they found tumors on his brain. They did surgery, but couldn't get them all. In that short period of time it has spread to many organs in his body. It seriously sucks just waiting. I can't even imagine what his wife is going through. He is 39 years old and has 3 children; a son, 10 and daughters, 7 and 5. It is just heartbreaking.

UPDATE: written tonight, July 14... Our friend passed away on June 29. It was the most awful funeral I have ever been to. Just looking as his parents, his wife and children made my heart break. My Hubby is still reeling from his death. They have been friends since HS. If anyone is interested in making a donation to his web page: Miles4Melanoma. He had just ran the Marine Corp Marathon in November on this team. He thought he was clear of cancer until a routine follow up visit in March found the tumors in his brain. Here is his fundraising website. The goal was originally $5K...that was met within 2 days of him passing... it is up to over $12K!! That is so awesome and a true gage on how truly great he was throughout his life, what a wonderful husband, father, son, uncle and friend he was, and how much he will be missed. Please donate if you have a spare dollar, if not, just say a prayer for his family. ...and WEAR YOUR SUNBLOCK!


trifitmom said...

i am so sorry for your loss.

you are a rock star !!!

good luck with ocean swims. i am heading out for you now. and some idiot had to mention shark sightings ??? seriously ???

my email is feener44atgmaildotcom - lets talk off line and meet up if we can

Bethany said...

Good job on the weight loss!!

I am so sorry to hear about Kevin.

joven said...
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