Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Trying to catch up...

Wow. July 1st. It's been a while since I've written here. I've been busy.

July my baby turned 8 years old and I totally should have done a post just with pictures through his life. He's just getting so big! He did a Jr Lifeguard program at the beach this month and LOVED it! He also went to Cub Scout day camp for a week, AND ended up sleeping over on the last night! He took the place of a friend who didn't want to camp overnight after the 1st night. He LOVED that too! He is in 3rd grade now and has started walking home with his buddy that lives around the corner. It's about 3/4 of a mile and over train tracks! But he does great. And last week he  earned his black belt candidate status at taekwondo! He will be testing for his black belt in March.

July races:  I was the runner of an Olympic distance relay. That was amazing! I've never been a part of something so huge. We had tons of women from my tri group doing this race. Some doing the entire thing alone! The only bummer was when all the bikers kept coming in, my biker was the last one into transition. I only beat 2 people. LOL! But that's ok, when I came around the finish line and heard all the women from my club screaming for me and then gave me high fives all down the finish shoot it was totally worth it!
I also did a sprint triathlon the very next weekend. It was my 3rd time doing this same tri, so my goal was to beat my horrible time last year. I got to borrow a road bike from a friend and had a fantastic time. The ocean wasn't too angry this year.
Swim (300 yds): 7:02,  T1: 3:39,  Bike (11 miles): 37:56, T2: 2:03,  Run (3 miles): 31:08,  TOTAL: 1:21:46.   Considering that my 2010 bike was 39:54 on a different course shows I was still pretty bad ass on the hybrid. I still want a road bike. Bad.

August: I did no races. I was gearing up and starting long runs for the Marine Corps Marathon...which I am not doing now. Hubby got some sciatic problems (literally a pain in the ass. lol) and on the last week of MCM transfers he tried to do over 10 miles and he was miserable for the whole 11 that he did. So we got most of our money back and transferred to a nice girl and her dad that lives 2 towns over in our running club (I love Facebook!)
We also had BOTH boys big birthday party in August. Since Ryan is July and Logan is Sept, we rented a huge awesome blow up water slide and had 40+ kids over to play. I strategically set up the 3/4 yr olds 12-3 and the 7/8 yr olds for 3-6. Worked out perfect and we had a fantastic day!

Now we are up to Sept, and oh boy do I have a list of races at least 26.2 miles long I have coming up. The weekend after Labor Day, I did our local 10K. My goal was to get under 1:10. It is a super hilly course and very difficult. This was my 3rd time doing it- the 1st time I did it I had no idea what to expect and I did 1:05! But, it was a perfectly cool morning. This year it was SO hot and humid, there were actually 2 people taken to the hospital before they could even finish the race! I was so happy to finish in 1:10:47.

What I have coming up?
No more races in Sept. I was going to do a 25K on the 30th, but our cub scout pack meeting and camp out is the night before....so I can't let my son down and not camp out. He's been looking forward to this camp out all summer, and I'm the den leader!

Oct: Seaside Half Marathon, as part of my training run...for what? You ask.... Well, since Hubby and I are no longer doing MCM, I have signed up for the Philly FULL on Nov 18th!! So excited since my tri club will also have tons of women doing the half and full. We'll be in the same hotel the night before, it'll be a blast!! The only down side? If there is a down side to going on vacation!! Hubby, me and a few of our friends have already signed up for/got flights/rooms in VEGAS for the Rock and Roll Half just 2 weeks after the full!! Crazy? Sure. But we aren't going for some record breaking times in Vegas. Hell, we'll probably be drunk by the time the race starts at 4pm. hahaa!
I have been doing some fantastic training runs. My furthest so far is 14 miles (longest run ever!) I am planning 15 this weekend, after doing 12 last Sunday. Besides a few blisters and chafe permanent marks I am very lucky to be injury free. *knock wood*

So that's the (very) short version of what we've been up to. Throw in the beach, the pool and just hanging out at the park, we've had a freaking awesome summer. Sad to see it go.

Oh! And Logan started pre-K this year. He goes to Ryan's big school and goes 5 mornings a week...and he will be turning 4 on THIS Sunday!! You know the same day as Bruce Springsteen turns 63, and speaking of Bruuuuuuce, I will be seeing him in concert at Giants Stadium in Saturday night!!! Whooot!!  SO much going on!

Hope some of you are still around to even read this. Hope I didn't bore you to tears. I've got to get some pictures up SOON!

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