Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Never weigh in at night!

So I was good eating all last week, mostly...there WAS St. Patrick's Day last week. And I AM Irish. ;)
I RAN over 20 miles over the last week, and walked another 8 or so. I did 2 classes at the gym. .....so tell me how the HECK did I gain:

.4 of a pound??

I will tell you how. I weighed in at 191.2 last night after a power pump class. Only AM weigh ins for me from now on. I was 188 on the scale this morning, after I ran another 4 miles. :)
I had already eaten all my meals for the day. Plus, holy CRAP, I can SEE my muscles!!! I know that I could have exhaled and not gained that .4 lb. But it's ok. I'll take it. My calfs are starting to be defined like they used to be. I can see my ankles. When I was in class last night doing curls I could actually SEE muscles in my arms! Those girly push-ups at night are doing their job!
I know that the fat is melting away. The muscles will only help in this competition in the long run. The only weight that matters is the 1st and the last, it's all good. I feel great. I am running 11 minute miles outside (12ish on a treadmill).

So I don't feel bad about a tiny gain (it's not even half a pound) and I will rock it this week.

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