Friday, April 16, 2010

I am a pin cushion on Week 7

I'm a little late posting my weekly weigh in.... I was also a little late getting weighed in.

I didn't get over there until Tuesday morning. I went into the dermatologist to get the 'rest' of my freckle removed for "abnormal cells", and by 'rest of' I mean how much more could they possibly take?? The tiny black freckle they took was about the size of a pin head. (Thank you to my P.A. for spotting it!) So I go in at 10am last Monday fully expecting just a little hole in my arm similar to the one that was taken out of my leg over a month ago. Just numb me, cut me and put a band aid on it.

No. Not that easy. I got 3 frickin stitches!! I was totally not expecting stitches. I was planning on going home, getting my gym clothes on and going over for my weigh in and get a work out. Nope. By noon my arm was so sore. It sucked. Now I can't lift weights for 2 weeks! (one more week from this Tues when the stitches come out, really.) And I'm not supposed to lift the Baby?!? Huh? Fortunately, my arm looks great, a little bruise, but no redness or infection setting in, since I don't know how to ass was back in the gym on Tues to get some elliptical time in (since my calf still pulls so I can't run) and get my weigh in.

This week, I lost ANOTHER:

2.8 pounds!

For those of you keeping track.... We are now at 18.8 pounds loss in 7 weeks!

Plus, on another, totally unrelated subject. As we speak I have 6 garbage bags of toys and clothes sitting at my curb waiting for the Big Brother/Big Sister Organization to come pick it up. I purged a little this week and feel great about it!

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