Thursday, May 3, 2012


I think I need an intervention.

I am addicted to racing.

I have signed up for 3 races in the next 2 weekends. 4 total for May.

On Saturday 5/5 I am running a 5K, really easy and slow, with a group of girls who just finished 'couch to 5K'.

Then on Sunday morning 5/6 I have my 2nd HALF MARATHON!! I haven't run since last Friday. I accidentally took this taper thing way to literally. Been so busy this week and I have been SO spoiled by this fantastic weather the last few months and it rained here most of the week. Boo.

Today my triathlon group started posting on the book of face about getting together to do a Mom's Rock 5K on Sat 5/12. Well, I jumped right on it! I figured I was going to be there anyway because my very awesome 7 year old is going to do the 1 mile run.

And then on Memorial Day weekend 5/26, I am doing a 5 miler. Luckily, everything is pretty local.  But I have definitely filled my running plate for May.

I also had some scary moments this week that contributed to my lack of running.
Last Saturday my Baby fell (did not hit his head!) and went unconscious for less than 30 seconds. During that time he had a small seizure. He was totally fine within 5 minutes; color back to his face, eating, playing, running, laughing. It was like nothing happened. I called the Dr and she said to watch him very carefully the rest of the day and if there was anything 'off' bring him right to the ER. There wasn't, so I didn't. We went into the pediatrician on Monday and got a script to get an EEG done. We got that test done on Wed morning. He was a rock star!! He laid still, closed his eyes and even fell asleep! Just what the tech wanted him to do.

See. Total rock star. 
This was after it was over and it was munchkin time!

I got the call this afternoon that his EEG was normal. And they had a cancellation in the pediatric neurology office tomorrow (Fri). So I'll be heading there in the morning. We are very lucky to get in. There is usually a 3-4 month wait!
I know there may never be a medical reason that he had that spell. And it may never happen again. But, you just have to do everything you can for your babies...just in case.

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