Monday, May 14, 2012

Moms Rock!

This weekend was amazing!
I spend some of Friday night reading through some of my old posts from 2008. I can't believe I've actually had this blog that long! If you have a little free time, feel free to head back in time and read some. It's from when the Ryan was 3 and waiting for Logan to be born. (I also used to call them The Kid and The Baby. I'm done with that. btw. Hubby still needs to be anonymous.) Reading back was so amazing. That is one huge reason I started this blog. So I could look back and see what we were doing and what I was feeling during those days.

On Saturday we had a Mom's Rock 5K and 1 mile fun run. Ry ran with hubby in the the one mile race.
 Here he comes at the final turn.

 He's flying! His feet are off the ground!!

 7 years old and a 8:27 finish!!
He is in the orange, just ahead of those 2 bigger boys! YAY!

I am SO proud of him! And he was so excited. 
He can't wait to do another mile run in June that he did last year in 9:02.

Then Hubby & the kids went home and I caught up with my tri group for the 5K. I have NO pictures of me, since my camera went home with Hubby and my phone was in the car. There were pictures taken after the race, but they haven't been posted yet.

I ran my best 5K EVER! One of my goals last year was to run a sub 30 5K. Well, I did it today! My previous PR was 30:32 (with 3.11 miles on the Garmin) in Dec, so close! According to my Garmin, I ran 3.08 miles in 29:43. My 'chip' time was 29:48 (but we had a timing mat at the finish and not the start.) So either way....I'LL TAKE IT!  :)

Then, Logan had a birthday party for a girl in his class that was turning 4...I know he really isn't the Baby anymore since he'll be 4 in Sept. :(

After that, we met my mom and walked from her house to a local Wine/Beer festival that was at the park down the street from her. So fun! Busy day!

 Little Ceasars pizza picnic at the park.

On Mother's Day I had the most wonderful time. First, I took the kids to my mom's for a relaxing morning on her deck. I had the most amazing croissant ever, even better than the ones I had in New Orleans!

Chillin' on at my mom's house Mother's Day morning.

At noon we went to brunch with my in-laws at a new place at the beach. Then we walked up to the beach. Of course, we had no real camera or camcorder with us, so I took this with my cell phone. That is my niece that I watch on Thurs/Fri. The cousins are SO close it's adorable.

Cousins on the beach!  :)
The only picture out of about 6 that I got all 3 faces!

I was going to head back up to the beach for the afternoon with the kids. The temps were in the 80's, it was just gorgeous, but it was a tad bit too windy up there. The sand was whipping like crazy, so we all went back to our house later and I got a lot of weeding done in my yard while the kids played. I love to weed my yard. It's so therapeutic....except that I hurt my lower back pulling a root out. ugh. It's better today after some Advil and an icy/hot patch.

It was just the most perfect fun weekend!!

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GreenKat said...

I read some of your old posts. Logan looks soo much like Ryan did back in 2008! So adorable.

I also love how you are inspiring your boys to be fit by all of your running!