Sunday, April 15, 2012


This morning I ran 12.16 miles. It took me about 2 hours & 35 minutes. This was the longest run I have done since I did the New Orleans Half over a year ago. I feel fantastic. I can feel myself getting stronger with every week. Last week I did a 10 mile run with my girlfriends and I was sore for a couple hours, but the next day it didn't feel like I ran at all!

Today I ran with my triathlon group, who are the most awesome women in the world. Three of us stuck together for the whole run around a 5 mile reservoir. I have never ran around that place TWICE! I stuck to my one friends like glue because she had the working Garmin. Mine totally froze at 7:53am when I attempted to locate my satellites. Yes, it is still stuck on 7:53. I am so peeved. I have to call them tomorrow and find out how fast I can get it fixed or a new one. This weekend I have a marathon relay with 4 other friends that goes 26.2 miles up the NJ shore. It is a most beautiful run and SO much fun! I have the same leg as last year (the 4th one) and I think it was short, but if I don't have my Garmin, I'll never know now! Ugh.

This week I have to make 5 silver sparkle skirts for our relay team. We have black t-shirts to wear with a Honey Badger on it and it says 'we don't give a shit'. Love it! So badass.

And 3 weeks from today is my second half marathon. After todays run, I am so excited for it!

At 8am, when I began my run today, it was 60 degrees. At the end it was 70. By the afternoon the temp was in the 80's! Hubby, the kids and I went to the beach! It was gorgeous! I can not wait for summer. I joined a local gym this week that has an outdoor pool club included in the gym membership. (Plus an indoor pool with family swim time year round!) SO worth it with the boys this summer. When ever the ocean is too rough, or the wind is whipping the sand around or the jellys come, we can go play at the pool...and I can have a cocktail in hand. I will be especially excited about this after our long marathon training runs!! :)

Back to school tomorrow for the big Kid! 
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter, Passover and spring break!

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