Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nothing exciting

I have been a busy mother runner. Just not as much of the running part. I am now getting my runs in, after I had a week and a half sinus infection. It was horrible. I couldn't breathe out of my nose for 10 days. And it all started at Great Wolf Lodge. Fun times, but why does someone in my family always get sick. Last year the Baby woke up at 5am with a raging fever.

But, this week I feel great. I have been super busy. Today was the Kid's 2nd grade egg hunt and spring party and I am one of the class moms. Last week the Baby was 'Pal of the week' so I had stuff to do for that. And of course, I am still babysitting my 15 month old niece 2 days a week.

I was able to get out Tues night with my running group. It was an awesome 4.5 miles. Tomorrow my BRF heads to Florida (I am SO jealous!!) so we are doing our 10 miler tomorrow morning. She doesn't leave until later. I am so excited to go at 9:30am, instead of with the running group that is running AT 7am at a place that is about 25 min away from me! Eeek!

This weekend is Easter. We are not a very religious family. My boys do go to Sunday School, when I don't have a long run scheduled. But we do surround ourselves with family every holiday. This year Hubby is working the afternoon/night shift Sunday through Thurs. ugh. So his family is coming over in the morning to our house. Then, after he goes to work we will make our way to my mom's house then over to my Aunt's to see my dad's side. (My mom and dad split when I was a freshman in college.) But the most wonderful thing is they are both re-married and get along better now than they ever did!

That's all for now. No new races coming up. Just the marathon relay on April 21st. My girlfriends and I have a team "Honey Badgers" because we just don't give a shit. LOL!! Hubby is running with his own team of police. And of course, the half marathon, May 6th! It's coming up so fast.

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