Friday, April 27, 2012

Marathon Relay Recap

This past weekend we had a super fun marathon relay race called Runapalooza. It's 26.2 miles from Seaside, NJ to Asbury Park, NJ. There is also a 5K and a half marathon...hence: Runapalooza.

We were the Honey Badgers. It was such a great time! I ran 5 miles as the 4th runner (out of 5). It ended up being a hot day and my leg didn't start until about 11:30am....I forgot to put sunscreen on and I had a nice farmer tan and sunglass raccoon eyes. Whoops.
We had such a fun day. My stats were amazing for a hot day.
Mile 1- 9:24  What!?!? Wow!
Mile 2- 10:19  still holding strong, for me.
Mile 3- 10:29  I think my goal for 2012 will be a sub 30min 5K
Mile 4- 11:10   Slowed down a bit. It was getting HOT.
Mile 5- 11:05   Having a black shirt on wasn't helping. But I managed a negative split for the last mile (compared to the 4th mile)

Our marathon team total was 4:07. Whoot! Wish I could run that the whole 26.2. LOL!!

 The awesome Honey Badger on the back of my friend's car!

A great running friend from our Jersey Girls Club right before my run.
You can see the red face starting.....

I got the hand off....
I have no idea why I look like that. LOL!

Team Honey Badger

I actually made the sparkle skirts we all wore. It was pretty easy, once I got the hang of it. It took about 6-7 hours to make 5 skirts...but the last 2 skirts were just 1.5 hrs. I got a good groove going. And it also didn't help that my sewing machine wasn't working and I had to go to my cousin's house.

I have 9 days left until my 2nd half marathon. I am so looking forward to trying to get another PR (my first being the only half I ran in New Orleans Feb '11) My A goal is to beat 2:27. I just have to make sure not to go out sub 10 in my first mile. That's what I have a Garmin for. I went for a quickie run this morning and again I did sub 10 in the 1st mile again.  9:52/10:44/10:22/10:38. And today was super windy.

Busy weekend. The Kid's Soccer. A friend's communion. Zoo trip with my friends from college. Fun fun!

Speaking of The Kid...he started the Black Belt Club a couple weeks ago. They get to practice with weapons. The weapon for the next 3 months is the Eskrima Sticks. Here is a quick pic I took with my phone today. Next time I have to bring the better camera to catch it without the blur.

You do not want to mess with him and sticks. LOL!!

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