Wednesday, November 5, 2008

But I wanted the Natural Pearl anyway!

Yesterday was a busy busy day.

First we dropped off the Kid at school. Then we went over to the bath showroom and had to pick out a counter top for our new bathroom vanity. We already chose 'natural pearl' but they told us it was discontinued. So we went over so I could check out my second choice again 'peach'. I was so worried that it would be too pink. But it did match the tile perfectly...and the vanity is only 33 inches, so it wouldn't be that much peach in our little bathroom. I agonized there for 20 min and finally said f*ck it. Let's just get the peach. Hours later Hubby calls me and says that peach is discontinued too, but the factory does have a left over piece of the original natural pearl that I wanted. WTF? They couldn't have found that before?! ugh.

Then we headed over to the paint place. We had to pick up paint for the last 2 rooms. Our bedroom and the Kid's bedroom. I am very excited about the Kid's room. He has wanted a construction room for over a year. He has wanted it since we knew we were going to move and he was going to get his own room and could make it anything he wants. He originally wanted black across the room to look like a road. I was a bit skeptical, so last week I thought...why not brown? We can paint the bottom half of the room a nice brown like 'dirt' from a construction site and the top half a very very pale blue - the same blue that the Baby's room is going to be - to make it look like the sky. He liked it! So all the paint is picked. but....

while we were in the paint store the Baby was hungry, so I took him out to the minivan to nurse him. I took him out of the carrier and he was soaked!! I forgot to change his diaper before we left the house. The poor baby had a diaper heavier than him! And guess what? I didn't have a change of clothes! But, I did have the Kid's t-shirt in the car and a small blanket to cover his legs in my diaper bag.
Doesn't he look too cute in his brother's 3T shirt? LOL!

Next stop. Home to change the baby's clothes. We were in and out, then we headed over to my favorite consignment store to get my money from the stroller/infant car seat I dropped off there in August. I made $30! And I promptly spent $13 of it. That place is dangerous.

We then picked up the Kid from school and went to vote. We came home had some lunch and then I headed back out again with the Baby to my 6 week OB visit. This is what I really really wanted to talk about today, but all that other stuff happened that I just had to share. Here is the most important part of my day:

Weight at my 1st pre-natal visit (1/28, 6 weeks) 205 lbs.
Weight the day before I gave birth: (9/22) 225 lbs.
Weight at my 6 week post-natal visit: (11/4) 198 lbs.

I only gained 20 pounds in this pregnancy and I seriously lost 27 pounds since I have given birth!! Granted, 7 of it was pure baby, but still. I am so excited and so motivated right now.
I just got back from walking a local bike path. After I dropped off the Kid at school I walked 2 1/2 miles with the Baby in the stroller for 45 minutes!
Now I have to get my butt in the shower while the Baby is still sleeping in his carrier!


AndreAnna said...

That's so great!

And I definitely hope to see you at some point this weekend!

CPA Mom said...

oh, I am so excited for you!! I would do anything to be below 200 lbs!! You go girl!!

Sherry said...

You go girl losing that weight, totally awesome!!!! See all your walks and of course taking care of the family is doing you alot of good.
Glad you got the counter you wanted and your construction room sounds awesome.
I love you baby in his big brothers shirt, too damn cute for words.