Friday, November 21, 2008

Doing my Small Part to Save the Earth

So I have dove head first into the cloth diaper pool. I am almost at the 24 hour point of not throwing one disposable diaper away. It feels really really good. I'll let you know how I feel tonight when I have to wash all the diapers. hahaha. But that shouldn't be too much of a problem, I have a great washer & dryer that has a cold soak cycle and then I wash with hot water. And doesn't he look SO cute in his new diapers??
This is the happy face in the FuzziBunz

And what a deal I got! I have 14 size smalls that I bought online from an eBay-like site that sells used diapers (and they look like new!), 15 size mediums that I bought from a good friend of mine before she moved back to TX (MISS YOU A). And she included a mess of other cloth diapering accessories, worth much more than she sold them to me for. The bottom line is, I have enough diapers to last the Baby until he is potty trained (unless he trains late and gets much bigger than his brother and won't fit in the mediums) all for about $250!!! Yes, $250 for the next 2 - 2 1/2 years of diapers!

We are also doing very well on the nursing. I am just so thrilled that I stuck with it through all the pain and the tears and will never have to buy formula either!

I can't get a job right now to contribute, but I think that's a whole lot that I saved for our family, and I can do my little part to make my footprint smaller on this Earth for my boys.


Peggy Sue said...

I have almost the same photo of my guy in the neon orange fuzzibunz!! So stinking cute.

Bethany said...

It is so much cheaper than disposables! I hope Scoop's rash issues clear up so I can go back to my Kissaluvs!

Amy Jordan said...

Allison, I am so proud of you for cloth diapering! I am also THRILLED that I could pass Seth's diapers on to someone else. I actually miss cloth diapering:-(