Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Morning After

So here is the loot the day after Halloween. That doesn't even count the huge bowl that didn't get taken from the non-existent trick or treaters in our neighborhood. I really need to get my appointment for the dentist now.

Speaking of the dentist, how do you like the Kids new veneers? Oh and in both these pictures, can you tell he won't take his freaking eyes off the tv for me to take the picture?!?!

So, since it was over 70 degrees today and gorgeous. Seriously, I can't believe I was wearing a short sleeve shirt on Nov 1. I took the boys to the bike path and walked a slooooooooow mile and a half. It took over an hour to do it. But aren't they cute?
This was the beginning of the walk.

Daddy wasn't with us, so the Kid didn't have anyone to carry his trike and he was complaining for the last 3/4 of a mile that he little legs hurt. I told him we could turn around anytime, but he insisted we go as far as he and daddy did last week. Luckily we started a half a mile into the trail at a different parking lot so he didn't realize we cut a mile off, thank goodness. Daddy and he did that over two miles in over 2 hours last week. (There are markers on the path that give mile markers. It's the only reason I know how far we went.)

This was my view every time I turned around on the way back to the car. In case you can't tell...he is sticking his tongue out at me because I won't carry his trike...mental note, get the poor kid a two wheeler for Christmas. He was SO slow with those tiny little wheels. I barely was able to get a work out in.


I am SO happy for an extra hour of sleep I could scream!


Trannyhead said...

That looks like fun! I approve that you made him keep riding. That's hawt!

Sadly, I HATE the time change because it messes up my kid's schedule and takes like two weeks for the new one to kick in. It's so annoying!

Sherry said...

love the pics, and what was so interesting on tv? hahaha
That walk was something, you have more ambition than I do.
He did get a lot of candy!! We have alot here cause no a ONE trick or treater to be found at our door!!

CPA Mom said...

did you get that extra hour of sleep? I didn't 'cause my son's body clock was still on the "old" time!