Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pumpkin Picking

Last Monday Hubby and I took the boys to get a nice big pumpkin for carving. We went to a place that also has a petting zoo. They sell bags of sliced carrots for the animals and the Kid loved to feed them.

There weren't any good pumpkins there though. The field got wet from some massive rain and there were a lot of rotting ones. But we got a couple cute pictures.

So we went somewhere else that didn't have thier pumpkins on the ground. We found a nice one.
And another cute photo op.

The Kid wasn't too thrilled with scooping out the seeds!

I forgot to get an actual picture of this years carved pumpkin, and it's rotting already since we left it on our table in the warm house. Ooops.


Catwoman said...

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So that's how we found out! If you have other questions, you can email me at at

Sherry said...

It's okay you forgot to take a pic of your finished pumpkin, the other pictures so make up for it. I love your son in the orange shirt among all the pumpkins, that's an awesome pic.
All the pics are great!!!! Baby looks good and he is growing fast huh?