Monday, March 5, 2012

Fixer Upper

So, not only am I still screwing up blogger, I am trying to get used to this new computer. Here is what I wrote, so you don't have to try to figure it out...You have no idea what I went through to figure out how to cut and paste a picture when there is NO right click on the mac mouse!

*Pretend Picture of Ms. Cannon here*

She is my new BFF. I have wanted a DSL camera for years and my wonderful hubby said, go get it. I ran to Costco to snag it! I have a Cannon Rebel Xsi from college when I took a photography class in uses FILM! I used it the whole first year of the Kid's life (2004) and realized I was spending a lot of money on film and developing. Since then I have owned 2 little point and shoot waterproof cameras over the years. My latest is starting to show it's age. It never takes a nice picture with the flash inside anymore. It's takes wonderful pics at the beach and water parks and anywhere else outside where I will never take Ms. Cannon.

Also on our plate is the need for a new computer. Our old PC has been running very spastically lately, sometimes it wouldn't even turn on and just mock me with it's awful beeping. I was almost ready to cry. I have years of pictures on there of the kids. We backed it all up on an external hard drive, but I have no clue how to get them out. We went to Best Buy last week and have been mulling the idea of switching over to the iMac. After very careful consideration, we went to get our new pretty Apple today.

*Pretend Picture of Mr. iMac here*

I feel like we are just living like the other half live. LOL!! To be honest, we paid about half price for the camera...with the cash back awards and the reason we went to Best Buy for the iMac was because they offered the credit card with 18 months of no interest!

I am so thrilled to be taking real nice photos again. I've been using my droid phone for the past year and all 2500+ photos are still sitting in the phone, and no where else. Tomorrow I am going to figure out how to transfer them to the new mac. Plus I have a year of photos sitting in my little Pentax waterproof camera that I have been afraid to download on the old computer for fear it would crash and I'd lose them all. Our old computer lasted 6.5 years old...a dinosaur in the PC world. I am told Apples should last 10 years...well, in our world that will probably stretch to 20, hopefully! 

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