Friday, March 9, 2012

To MCM or not to MCM?

One year ago I signed up for this little race in DC. You may have heard of it, the Marine Corps Marathon. Yes? But last year I got plantar faciitis in the middle of the long runs, and I missed a few so I bumped down to the 10K. My husband and I went down to DC with 2 of my girlfriends and had such a fun weekend. So much fun, we want to do it again. Hubby was so excited a month ago. The race is on his 40th birthday this year. He said he wanted to get more friends to come do it, but now he is all wishy washy. I don't think he recruited anyone. My BRF (best running friend) KC wants to do it again. Registration started at 3pm last Wed, 5 minutes before my older son gets out of school. What bad timing. Last year was noon. We were going to try anyway.

We got in!!! The MCM sold out in 2 hours 41 minutes. That's INSANE! But, we are in.

Right now I am training for this little race in NJ on May 6. I did another 8 mile run on Sunday and did 5 on the boardwalk on Tues, and 3 on Thurs. I am right on schedule. A full is a big step, but I am up for the challenge. Tomorrow I am going for my 9 mile training run, in pieces. First my running group is running 6 miles...and then we are doing a local 5K. Crazy? Probably. Luckily, it is in the town I live in and the 5K benefits Hubby's fire dept, so we'll know everyone. The best part is that my 7 year old is running it too!! He did a 2 mile run last month and has been begging to do a 5K.

My family after the 2 mile Beach Run
the Baby was a great cheerleader!
Yes, we were wearing shorts in Feb. In NJ. It was a really nice day. 
I had already ran 6 miles to do 8 total for training that day!

Now that I have the new computer I have downloaded ALL my pictures since Feb 2011 into it. I can't wait to just go through and write posts based on my pictures. Fun!

And just for fun here is a picture of me and my family on my 35th birthday this January. 

My mom, me, my grandfather, my dad and my kids. 
This is my dad's dad. He is 85 or 86 years old. I forget. God Bless him.

My kids are so lucky to have 3 great-grandparents....
ok, here is one of my mom's parents in Florida when we went to surprise my grandfather for his 80th birthday in January, just days after my birthday!!!

My mom's parents. Gram, Pop and the kids. He is 80 and she will be 78 in June. Love them!

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We so have to meet up when you're down for this!