Thursday, March 22, 2012

Random Thoughts

So I had 2 really good running weeks in a row. 16+ miles for both weeks. 3 weeks ago I did a 4, 4.5 and an 8 miler. The next week I got in a 5, 3, and 9. And that 9 was a split run. I did 6 before that 5K for training. Crazy! Then last week life just got in the way. Hubby has been working like a madman now that he is Sgt. and despite the gorgeous weather we were having in NJ I just couldn't get myself motivated. I had a total of 10 miles last one day.

My new Sweaty Band for St. Patricks Day!!

On St Patricks Day my BRF and I went for a 10 miler and then we headed with the cub scouts to Great Wolf Lodge. If you don't know what that is, well it's a loud indoor water park. I could still hear the water flowing for days after we got home. I was exhausted for 3 days. I was all stuffy and couldn't breathe, but I did get out yesterday! Yay! Hubby had more important meetings this week and was working on days he was supposed to be off.... I *almost* let this week slide...but I stuck the baby in the jogging stroller and headed out yesterday for 4.25. That thing is no joke! I am hoping to get a few miles in tomorrow, and I have 7 on the schedule for Saturday. Last 'shorter' long run until we ramp it up for 3 weeks and then taper!

Just 6 weeks from this Sunday is my second Half Marathon!

I haven't uploaded any new pictures this week. The Baby is 'Pal of the Week' at nursery school next week and I had to try to upload some pictures to Costco from the new iMac and I think that is going to be a massive problem. You can't see the folders or thumbnail pictures on the Costco site. Costco photos has been my go-to photo place since 2005. All my photos are there from years of making calendars for family. I didn't do a 2011 one, but I am planning on making photo albums for the grandmas for Mothers Day...don't know how I am going to accomplish this one.  They don't make it easy.

All week I kept thinking of fun or profound things to blog about. This post sucks. Sorry. But I will leave you with a sweaty foggy picture from mile 3 yesterday on my run to the beach.
I took one of the Baby and the crazy fog, there is actually an inlet there and you can't see the other side! ...and then a nice lady asked if I wanted a picture of us both. Glad I had my phone. :)

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